December 23, 2020

Let us begin. I come to you this morning full of glad tidings and wishing you all a beautiful Holiday Season. It is so gratifying to see the love and compassion growing in each of you and so much light coming into your hearts and coming from your hearts. It is beautiful to behold. We here delight in knowing this is adding to your joy and happiness along with the Christmas Holiday.

We have now a situation where the magnetic activity of the sun is building and there will be sun spots and CMEs coming forward. It is unknown at this time how big they will be but it appears there will either be several in a row or a rather large one by itself. The sun is gaining energy from that which is given and building as it goes and will release it soon in some fashion. If several smaller ones there should be no problem but if one large one it will cause disruption in several areas. Your telephones of a cell kind will be targeted because of satellite interference from the sun and so will television service. We will have to wait and see what the sun decides to do with its built up energy. Prepare accordingly.

We need to talk of preparedness. There are so many things that are changing at this time it is difficult to pick out one that you need to prepare for and speak on it. The list really goes on. Most of it all boils down to your inner knowingness and your connectedness with the God within you and remaining in the Light for all your mental needs of security, love and reediness to face whatever comes. You cannot go wrong with this type of getting ready for anything. A secure person in the Christ consciousness and rooted in the Source of all things is prepared. Ask for direction and how to prepare when you go into meditation and ask to be led in the right steps to take. You all reside in different places and are subject to different challenges arising at different times. Listen to the instruction given by your source of all things and use this information.

There is always the food situation to be prepared for. Again some of it depends on where you live and the transportation of food to your location but do prepare for any eventuality just in case and this includes water. We would be so wrong not to include the food and water preparedness. Remain in the Light of security and avoid all groups of a possible violent nature. This influence is not going away, unfortunately. Also because of the possible weather patterns of intensity do have batteries and a way of staying warm if possible. These are only prudent suggestions as you enter your Winter time frame. The weather looks a bit erratic this Winter.

I would like to speak of coming home. For those of you who have not yet turned to the Light and tried to live your life without considering that all things are from God, let me say here that you are missing out on the most beneficial and fulfilling way a person can live their life. It can be so much more than what you are finding at present. There are so many gifts available to those who seek Him and not just during the Christmas Season. There is a saying I have seen and it is a favorite of mine. Wise men still seek Him. This is so true. It is not a sign of weakness to lean on and depend upon the Source of all that is. You think you need to be independent and self supporting and that is a sign of strength, but it is not. It is a sign that you have not yet learned the understanding that you need to turn within and see that all is available to you and these include the love that you seek so desperately on the outside of yourself and from others. Any time is a good time to turn to Christ, God and Creator but it seems that all respond more readily during the Christmas Season. If all of you could just keep that compassion and loving attitude at all times during the year. Do turn within and learn how loved you really are at all times. Let these new energies surround you and take them into your being for the changes that are needed, not only in you, but in all things concerning this planet.

Now I would like for you to take a good look at what has changed. Your circumstances are so much different now than they were 5 or 10 years ago. Your ability to appreciate life is greater and your desire and ability to love one another is greater. You have learned many lessons these past few years and the most important ones have been brought forward for you to see clearly. Continue to grow and learn from what is going on in your world and follow Gaia into the new higher vibrations and dimension. She wants all her children to come with her. This is a big wish on her part but she is happy for each and every one of you that comes with her. I was a little questioning at first when I heard that she wanted to move into the higher places with her children but now that I see what is happening and how happy this is making her and you, I follow the wisdom of her plans and wishes. She is most pleased that you are accompanying her on this journey of ascension and she is now a force of great strength and joy. So much has changed for her and you have given her the Light and prayers for her recovery and strength. I wish you could see her Light as she shines in the heavens.

Let us look at knowingness. Compare yourself with who you were before you turned to God. It can be looked upon as a somewhat shallow life not filled with the depth of acknowledgment of the God within. A life somewhat out of direction. See how you have grown and take a minute to review your journey. You are blessed with the understanding given from hard work and seeking answers and not giving up. Be thankful that you continued to ask questions and seek answers of why you are here and who you really are. Most all would say they would never go back to the not knowing or the uninformed person you used to be. Continue your journey in His Light and love and continue to learn.

Again I must go now and tend to what is happening. So many things going on at one time to deal with. Everyone here is busy now and the progress is coming in great abundance. Give thanks for all your blessings and continue to bring in as much Light as possible. I go now in peace and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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