December 24, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you on this day before your Christmas. It is a time of good vibrations and good will to men. You were blessed with the stars in the heavens and it was a beautiful sight but that is not the star that led the wise men. In fact it was not a star at all but a ship that had light to guide them in their journey. It has significance in that it represents what leads men in their journey to the Christ consciousness. The Light of Creator. The wise men found their Christ by following the Light.

So much is given to you and has meaning on different levels. You can go back and re-read something and get a different, or additional meaning from it because you are now open to see it or accept it. It is that way with your life. In one life you may not receive the message from what is happening to you so you come back and in the next life you now see the connection between a certain action and the result. This is why you were allowed to come back over and over again for the learning experience or should we say the learning revelation. The gift is that you are allowed to come back as many times as it takes to gain the lesson or learning from the action. I can hear you now thinking that you don’t always view it as a gift. It is in the way you look at it. This fast track to learning by way of reincarnation is why so many wanted to come to the earth experience, or should I have said one of the reasons. You have been given the opportunity for much learning and almost all of it was by way of error or failure on your part. You learn what doesn’t work and make your way to what does. The difficulty in the experience of failure, or error causes pain and these deep emotional feelings make a lasting impression in your memory and help to reveal the light of the correct way to less or no pain. It is remembered.

There were many advantages of coming to earth and another one is going home with the learned lessons. It is like coming home from college or a university after years of study. You are not the same person as when you left. You will have your degree in earth studies and will be viewed by others with more respect for having done so. You gained not only learning from experience but wisdom that is yours now and hard earned. The earth experience was not an easy class to take and you well deserve all the wisdom you gained. One of the things you learned is how you view others for you know what they had to go through to get to where they are and you have more compassion for everyone. Understanding because you have experienced it yourself and this is lasting as opposed to just having someone tell you about it, which may or may not stick. You will have a designation for having been on earth and all will know. The enormity of your accomplishment will be evident and this fact will become known to you along with so many other things that are hidden to you at this time. The pieces of your past have started to be revealed to you and this process will continue. Be advised that others from your home will see you in a different light.

I would like to speak of homecomings. So many of you will be going home after this chapter is closed. Some of you will return to earth for further assistance to the recovery and forming of the promised new earth. Some of you will remain on your homeland but all will be experiencing a homecoming, which will help to bring back memories of who you were before it was hidden to you, and also your experiences up to the point of departure. Look for the homecomings to be elaborate and emotional. Many close to you have been waiting for your return for some time now and you, more than anyone, know they have been delayed. We have spoken of homecoming before but now it is even closer and I would not be surprised if plans are not already being made. So many of you will be surprised at who you left behind. Only a few were allowed to have access to the events of your lives and these were counselors and those involved in your decision making while on earth. There have been questions of remembering the events that you experienced while on earth. Some will wish to have them fade away and others will want to remember. There will be fading of pain and discomfort but a remembering of the wisdom and lessons learned. It is a win, win process. There will be nothing to be concerned about. You will remember what serves you and forget what does not. The loving reception awaits you.

May I speak now of earth history as it pertains to the many civilizations that have existed on its surface and under the ground. Some of your groups lived in caves for awhile for protection but do not assume they were not highly intelligent beings. Some fled after natural disasters and just continued living under ground and developed their society there for many years. What you see, even today, on the surface is not all there is to earth. There are many highly intelligent people living within earth at this time and they are ready to become reacquainted with you. In the past it would not have been wise for them to make themselves seen, or known in public for they would probably have been captured and studied and deprived of their return home. They were once known to you and are distantly related and have much to offer for they took a different turn and developed in a different way. They sought a more peaceful experience and learned to live without the discord that has happened on the surface.

There are many other civilizations who have come and gone for one reason or another in your history and these will be revealed to you and we are sure you will find them and their experience of earth an interesting one. Many of their activities will answer some questions you have now about some clues that were left and have been dug up or discovered. There are many interesting things that will fit into the bigger puzzle picture and all will begin to make more sense to you as we go along. Take advantage of the educational part of your earth history for some of your more pressing questions are about to be answered.

I leave you now as things are still churning and developing. I go and leave you with these things to consider. I go in peace and joy and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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