December 25, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I greet you this Christmas day. There is much evidence of good will and compassion showing from earth. It is the time you celebrate the birth of Christ and this brings out good feelings that are so evident to us. We would like for this to remain all year long for you and not be just seasonal. It would please Esu so much if this were so. He remembers well his life time upon earth and wishes He could have done more to instill his thoughts and words into every heart and mind at the time. There have been several to come with messages for the masses and they did make a difference but there was so much opposition, even then. Keep the joy and happiness alive and share it throughout the year.

I also see some joy and happiness now but not nearly enough. You have been dampened by circumstances surrounding the restrictions involving the Covid virus and this has restricted you greatly. Such measures as have been taken were not the way to stem the spread of this disease. Much more information about how to treat it needs to be given and this would help. This is a deadly disease for certain ones but with the proper treatment it can be survived by most all. This type of help in the form of education is coming.

I would like to speak now of partaking of what is now available to you. Many more opportunities are available with the new energies and you can use them in your own lives. Improved health, more returned abilities, love and Light, and so on. You are in a time period, once again, that gives you the opportunity to create what is desired or strongly held in the mind. The turning of mind thought with Creator energy into reality is so present now for you to use. Make sure you keep this in mind for this can be a very creative time for you. In times past it would take so much longer for energy to materialize into reality than it does now. Be positive in your thinking and use this time to your advantage. You are creators and most are still unaware of this and even more do not use it purposefully. Lets not have things created by accident or unintentionally. Actually there would be no accidental creation. All has cause and effect but you get the idea. Be mindful of what you focus on and what you continue to give energy to. More attention needs to be given to what you concentrate on. Do become aware of the energies and avail yourselves of the new added opportunities from God’s energy given to restore Gaia and yourselves to what was intended originally. Love one another in a greater way knowing that we are all connected and are Creator driven. So much is done at this time to help others where needed but the need does not disappear after the season is over. Continue to be of service to others in your energies and prayers. Opportunities will arise for you to be of aid to bring about the improving of collective consciousness in how you react and look at things. Your most basic thoughts are improving and they are the ones all other thoughts rely on. God is within and this changes everything.

Now I would like to have you take a look at the new year coming. You have had a lot to contend with this year ending and this part of the transition has not been easy. The view for the ending result is glorious but there is still much to go through. We are awaiting disclosure and once this happens it will change the mindset of everyone who believes and cause them to question the premise of God’s creation and how you fit into all of it. What was the purpose of creating other people and how do we relate to them. How many more planets are inhabited and what does this mean concerning our religion. We will certainly offer truth for these questions and this will be part of the new year coming.

Dealing with additional information being given of hidden activities and intentions of the dark will be considered along with people from other planets and you will end up having a lot to deal with in a succession of events taking place. This can be disturbing at best for most people. Even those who know what is going on for the most part will be challenged with the unfolding but here is an opportunity to be of help to others. Be of comfort to them without trying to change their mind about anything. Let them process the information in their own way and answer any questions they have for you in a kindly way. You may be thinking they are as dense as a stone wall but try to bring forth the patience and love needed at this time. Lots of patience will be needed, over and over. This is what your new year will bring to you. Revelations of this enormous scope will have great ripples extending far and wide for quite some time. Conflict may result where one side believes what is being said or brought out and the other side does not. We have enough conflict already and do not need to add to it. Be cautious and wise during this time.

Now I would like to speak of adapting to change. There will be change that is planned and needed and there will be change that is the result of conflicting transition stemming from the inability of people to accept what they see before them. Evidence of what has happened and how they have been used for the purposes of the dark will astonish them and be difficult, if not impossible to comprehend. It will take some time for all of it to sink in for their understanding. Here again you will need patience and some of this will be for yourselves. These are large changes as we have stated and will process differently for all. We have noticed that you are very creative in the way to adapt to change and in some cases in the way you avoid change altogether. You can ignore it, use various chemicals to cope, lash out at others and many more ways on the way to accepting it. In your case there will be many changes all in a short period of time and this is asking a lot. Do the best you can with yourselves and with others. You have our love and support through all of it and we will continue to be here to help you through it all. Call on us when you need to and tell us how you feel. This whole time of change is a marathon and you are the ones going through it all. Be kind to yourselves. You have been through a lot already. We were opposed to revealing it all up front for fear you would throw up your hands and not read another word. We have tried to keep you up to date on things being revealed and we feel now you are prepared in a much better way. You are stronger and wiser and have some knowledge of the power available to you and can traverse these waters better than ever before. Bravery is not one of your shortcomings as we have witnessed. Others will want to know why you are so calm and you will be of help to them. We see your determination to see this thing through and from our point of view you already have. The reaction of others is the unknown here. The ending is already known and you are just filling in the blanks now concerning the details. Remain positive in all things for God’s hand is in all things.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Continue your good tidings and enjoy your loved ones in all ways. Better times are coming and we see them. You have done well.

I will go now and continue to be of service to you all. It is our wish that you know of and feel the love we send to you. You are most remarkable in your accomplishments. I go in peace and would hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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