December 26, 2020

Let us begin. It is with consternation that I come to you. We see resistance in all phases of advancement and we have experience with this so we know how to approach this. Nothing new here but the approach is switched to one we have used with resistance and we move on. The reason for the resistance is the same as always in that those in charge are afraid of going out in front to make radical decisions to allow us to become involved. We are bypassing them and taking charge ourselves this time. There is no more time to wait on them to come forward. It disappoints us that this is their mindset but this will not and does not keep us from our goal. So buckle up people. We will do it ourselves and we plan to get it done. I/we are tired of waiting and our patience has run out. I am in no mood this morning to suffer fools and we have been given permission and that is all I/we need.

So, now that I have had my say and gotten it out of my system we will go on to other things. I would like to speak of love again. The more the light brings love to your plane the more you know about it in a conceptual way but this doesn’t mean you can put it into words. It mostly means you feel more of it in your life. When you bring it into your being and give it out to others, the more you receive from others yourselves. It permeates all that is and is shared freely. This is what is happening to you now. The love that is and has been given to you to accept is taken into your being and multiplies because you attract or draw more to you from all that is. A feeling that accumulates interest, so to speak. We see it here and you are responding well to this state of being. There is no reluctance on your part to give of the love or to share it with others and this is as it should be. We are happy for you in your decision and actions concerning this. It is time for you to enjoy this feeling without the restrictions of the dark influence. You should be feeling a lighter sensation of environment because the dark are being removed and there is more to come. Enjoy it and know that it is not going away and there will be more to come. We know it is hard for you to imagine more love, coming from the experiences and background you have had to endure but more will come. Seek to find how to express it more fully in your daily life and watch what happens to your earth now. It was promised and it is happening, even though it has only begun.

I would like to speak of joy in the new year. Yes, you will think of my words in the coming days because of what will transpire and you will wonder if I was demented in my thinking when I gave these words. You will say, “Prosper, where in the heck is the joy you spoke of?” Give it a few weeks. I have a long range view of things. Do not bother to write me letters or send me emails of complaint because you think I am bonkers. Just keep your focus on the new earth you are planning and keep your eyes there. Send your energies into what is framing up and filling out and give those energies to the vision of peace and happiness and move on. You have a lot of dross to get through yet and it will pass and you will move on to better times and better things. I am short on patience it seems for all dark things that linger and I am like you in that I want to move on also. It is time so let those that keep us influenced with stagnation in their attempts at control move out of our way for we are coming through with what you want and what you have worked for. You are moving up into the command center of things and are taking control of all that is concerning you governance and representation. The people of earth have spoken. Let this take over happen and it will not be pretty. Prepare for the ugly to be visible. They will not go in peace but you are prepared to sweep up the mess after they are escorted out and clean up will begin.

I have wandered off again and have let the impatience show through. Where was I? Oh, yes, the joy in the new year. It is coming for you are a hardy lot and we see that. You will do well. Hold on for the first few weeks in the new year. Plant your feet on solid ground and let the bad weather pass you by. This has to be done.

Now may I calm down and speak of retribution. Those who disregard the laws of God and envision themselves as leaders and kings will find what the real truth of their fallacy is. It will be stated to them quite clearly in the courts, either on earth or in our courts, which function quite well, I might add. We know how to get things done in this respect and it is fair. Every opportunity was given, as it should have been. The dark and their followers made their own decisions and we believe they had no real understanding of just who rules all that is. Sad that they know nothing of God or any of it. Their lack of knowledge does not absolve them of paying for their transgressions. They have forged their own future themselves and now the time has come for them to reap the fruits of their misdeeds. There are some so heinous that I cannot even talk of them here. We move on.

I have a full head of steam and could go on for longer but because we now are taking over on some issues I have lots of work and oversight to complete. We are fully capable of doing what you would find surprising but we only do what is necessary to bring about what needs to be. You are still in command of your free will but we would appreciate your good wishes and prayers for our complete success in the matter of moving our resistance out of the way once and for all so that we/you can move forward.

I leave you now and I am not in peace. Far from it but it is called for. I would hope that you are in a much calmer state than I am and I hope you go in peace.

I am Prosper

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