December 27, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning. We have made progress and without giving too many details I will say that taking things into our own hands has paid off in a big way. We are on schedule and there is a saying about if you want things done right you need to do it yourself. This has worked for us. We will now move forward in the way we need and people will not get in our way. I am once again happy.

May I speak of energy moving in the right direction. There is an uncomfortable feeling about being stagnant in your energy as it pertains to moving forward. The body is made for movement and the mind is also made to move along life’s path forward. We need to progress in our learning and understanding of things. So many give up on learning and are content in enjoying the pleasures of the moment. They are important for they bring joy but learning is a life long thing. We, here, still seek learning and it continues. The understanding goes on and seeking truth of things takes time. Do not give up this pursuit for it also brings happiness and joy. There is a good mix of both learning and pleasure and both are important for they both bring joy but in different ways. Not moving forward brings ill health for the body and for the mind if prolonged. There is a natural process when asking for answers to your questions. Continue to seek and ask and the answer will be given somehow. Do not give up on this. We see this happening for you so many times. Believe in this process and expect the answer to come in some way. The answer may not be what you want or what you expect but it will eventually be given.

Now I would like to talk of honesty as it pertains to self. One of the most important things you can do is be honest with yourself. Do not try to cover up the truth or bend it or alter it for yourself. You have to have a basis of truth so you can go forward in your understanding or else everything is off or distorted. Admit to all that pertains to you, even if you don’t want to see it. It is the only accurate way you can correct and improve. We all make errors and mistakes and this is how we learn. So start from truth about yourself and if you don’t know why a thing is a certain way with you then ask until you see or until it is given to you or shown to you. Then you will be challenging the problem accurately instead of lying to yourself about whatever it might be. Assessment can be most helpful if done periodically. You might even want to take notes. You are the most important person in your life. Treat yourself well for you deserve the respect.

Let us move on to anticipation of some type of resolution to your political problems as they pertain to the relationship with other countries in the world. Differences in attitude, culture and long held beliefs have always stood in the way of relationships. It is imperative to understand the beliefs concerning another country before you can ever expect to relate in a positive way with them. All leaders recognize this but not all leaders are willing to give the time in trying to understand the reasoning behind the actions of other countries. Up until now most actions have had a basis of deception hoping to lead to some type of power play or domination in the world arena. This needs to change. It is possible to let another country keep their core beliefs and attitudes and forge out a respect for them toward a positive relationship.

Your technology has helped you to learn many things regarding other countries and also it has been a hindrance when trying to spy or find out information. Somehow relationships have to change to one with more respect and negotiations have to be based on truth and at least some amount of trust and this will take time. So many things now are based on outward appearance and not real facts. So much is given to other countries with the intent of receiving something in return which is not on the up and up. Buy offs, payoffs, bribes and such like are the name of the game while citizens in your own country go without and suffer. Cannot you see there is something that needs to be changed? The incoming energies will offer you a better opportunity to change things regarding your relationships with other leaders of all countries and take care of the people within your own who depend upon you for the help they need. The thought that you have to do all this giving of money to others in order to get along in the world today is flawed. It CAN be corrected. Countries are poor for a reason and things can be done to correct this within that country. Opportunities will be given.

We come to a point of no return. You will never go back to being ruled and dominated by a small group who are only in it for themselves. This is being corrected now and those responsible are being removed. Your way forward still has some bumps of large proportion to get over but on the other side of that it will improve greatly. There is no going back to the way it was. Feel your freedom and feel the heavy constraints being lifted. Finding your way with your new freedom will take some time but it is yours to explore and know. We are most pleased to see you doing this. The time of promise has come.

I go now with these suggestions laid out before you to consider. Your facts of truth will be given about your planet and its people. I go in peace now and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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