December 28, 2020

Let us begin. I am coming to you with joy in that things are looking good. It seems it takes a King’s army to get people moving but we can do that once we have the OK. Your new year reads that it is fraught with opposition to what is coming, so beware. You have had one bombing already as a warning from the dark to give up but you will not and we will not. We are going forward so protect yourselves. It is sad that it has come to this.

I am going to speak on tectonics as regarding your earth and the volcanoes and earthquakes. The energies are free once again to do as they need to balance things and they will. They had been stopped for a period of time to allow your voting process to happen in peace but that time is over and Gaia must be allowed now to proceed with her changes. We anticipate more of both, volcanoes and earthquakes, to alleviate the pent up forces which needs to balance. We cannot tell how strong they will be or exactly when they will happen but readings show there are several pressures waiting to go forward. Again prepare with food and water in case distribution of goods is interrupted or stopped for awhile. Things have to move forward and this is one of them. Unfortunately the volcanoes affect the air quality in big ways and we will try to help with this as much as we can.

Now may we talk of talent you possess. Most do not know what they are capable of doing when it is called for. Mothers rise to great strengths to aid their children when necessary. Most strength is hidden until it is needed and many will find that they are many times more capable of doing great things both physically and mentally than they ever imagined. The coming days may call for it. Do not be discouraged but go forward with your strengths and help where you can in all ways possible. You have developed great concern for your fellow man in the past years and this is what will be needed in the coming days. We would hope the two things of concern at the moment, the earth changes and the threat form the dark, will not be large but we see evidence of swirling energies concerning both at this time. Reach deep for your strength and remain in God’s Light and protection and continue forward. We are here to help as much as possible but some things like earth changes are inevitable. Your talents are many and your strength is much greater than you know because you are drawing upon Creator’s power to overcome and that is limitless. Avail yourself of this avenue of renewal.

I would like to talk of forgiveness. We have spoken of this before and there will be lots to forgive when you hear of what has taken place. This may take some time for revelation and also for forgiveness but we see the need for both. Do not burden yourself with hate for the choices others have made for it will weigh you down and keep you from going forward. Do your best to not only forgive those responsible but forgive yourself for any part you may have played in not realizing how bad things were. There are those who will feel guilt over this and wonder what they could have done to stop it. It is done and now in the past and so we must go forward and forgiveness is part of the healing process necessary for going forward. It may take time but it needs to be done. Those responsible will meet their ending in whatever way is fair. Do not let them double their deeds by you holding hate in your heart and being against them. Be healed yourselves as they need to be healed but as yet have not given up. We see you coming out on the other side of this dark time of retribution in a much better place than you have ever been. Sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

Now may I speak of gratitude in the form of paying attention to the gifts given by Gaia. We have seen many planets in our travels and your earth is most beautiful in its form and visual appeal. It has been described as a jewel and it most definitely is. You are offered so many different options for places to live, enjoy and visit and not many planets have this selection as you do. Look around you and see what you overlook and pass by day after day. Each and all of it has been a gift for you to enjoy to the fullest without damaging any of it, I might add. Take time to notice all of it now for most likely it will change somewhat with the earth changes coming. Some of the opportunities have been removed for you to get out and enjoy things because of the restrictions place upon you. Take advantage of what you can. Your planet has been fought over for many years and its beauty is one of the reasons. We see many of you going out into the forests and the hills and the sea side. Not only is this enjoyable but it is healthy. Do what you can to remain outdoors away from crowds. It is life giving.

Now I come to a close and remind you to remain grounded with Gaia and surrounded in love and light. Things are changing. I go now in peace and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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