December 29, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. I see things in order and disclosure is once again scheduled to happen in a reasonable length of time. Not saying much since it is long overdue but scheduled none the less. People who were followers of the dark are being taken either off the planet or into custody and in some cases doubles are being used in their place. This is done to create less disruption and chaos at present. It just makes it easier at the moment. It will all make sense later, but for now a smoother transition of removing them is needed.

We see things changing dramatically and the pressure is being put on your President Trump to give up and give in and he will not. This is not happening and it is infuriating the opposition considerably. President Trump knows some things need to happen and he is strong in character and is what is needed to stand up to what needs to be done. He is in touch with counselors on our side. He is aware of his contacts but does not know the full extent of who they are or what is at stake. He is rightly driven to make things better and believes in the respect of the United States and has a good idea for what needs to be done. He is being given help in the form of stamina and on some health issues. We know he has limits and he is pushing himself to serve the American citizens for much is expected of him.

Now, onto other things. At present our ships are closer to the earth than they have ever been. We are prepared for most contingencies and will be of help in case of earthquake or volcanic eruption. Both of these are looming before you in some areas. Help can come with the agreement of the individual if it becomes necessary for them to be removed. I guess that is one way of saying “we are here”. That will be up to them for we do not force it upon them. We are looking at the ring of fire for changes and also at stress points in the US. Italy is also a place to keep an eye on. There are actually quite a lot of places that have increased their pressure underground. They will all express themselves in different ways and intensities. It is one thing to receive help but another to be picked up by a strange space ship and leave everything behind. It is asking a lot from those who are unaware of us and we understand this. We have taken people before that were in danger and would have lost their lives and it took some adjustment but they are all doing well now. Most of the time there is no record or news of them having disappeared and it is assumed they were consumed in an explosion or such like. We do this in complete agreement with their life plan and they continue their path in peace in another location not on earth. There are strict rules regarding this action and they must be followed. We are here to serve.

Our records show you are advancing greatly and putting everything you have learned to good use. The light is continuing to increase and Gaia is beckoning you to follow her to higher levels. You should start to remember past lives, or at least bits and pieces of them and they may come in dreams and visions and you may dismiss them as being unimportant at first. If possible examine them and see where they lead. Also you will start to use your other gifts such as what you call intuition and communicating by mind thought instead of words. It will come so give it a chance. You will be impressed by mind communication for it is quite handy to have. One of the biggest problems we see people having is they cannot tell the difference between their thoughts and the other person’s thoughts they are communicating with. This will take practice and you will become better with time. The grandest thing is that distance is not a barrier and in no way slows down the thought. It is the same for one mile as it is for thousands. It is now becoming an option for you. Most of these returning abilities can be most confusing at first and maybe to the point of wondering if you are of sound mind. Be patient in this transition and give yourself a chance to experience them without first denying them and refusing to consider them. They were once yours and are returning.

May I speak of hairpin curves and you are about to take one. Changes are all well and good but what is to be revealed is a lot to take in for anyone. We have talked of this before and we still suggest to be kind to yourselves and give everything time to sink in and then to consider. If you wish to throw it all away that is your choice also but remember that most news of this drastic content takes time to process in the mind. There is no easier way to do this but to bring it out into the open and let it be viewed and reviewed by everyone. That time is near. You have a lot of changes and at one time it was not known that you would have the virus to contend with along with these major revelations. It would have made a difference but now you have Covid to deal with and there will be revelations concerning this also.

We know you are tiring of all the talk of what is to come and you are ready for action. Any action of any sort and you just want to see something with your own eyes to prove to yourself that all we have said is true and things are indeed progressing. This will happen. We give you these things in advance so that you may adjust in a better manner and it is unfortunate that you do not see some of the changes yourselves so that you will know. They are here for you to feel and perceive if you will. This has been a sticking point with most of you in the past is the visual evidence of what we are saying. The energies have come as we said. There has been a large increase of UFOs in your skies as we have said. There have been plans for disclosure on many occasions as we have stated but these have been changed by those refusing to follow through. You are wanting disclosure and we understand for we want it also. We do understand your reluctance now to place hard belief in some of the things we say. This has been a most difficult process dealing with those in charge around the world and it has taken so much longer than we planned at first. We have met with formidable opposition at most all turns but we continue as ordered and will not give up. We deal with what we are given and this makes it difficult but we must go forward to reach our goals.

Now may I say that our goals, for the most part, have not changed and we are making ground in all avenues whether it seems like we are or not. Ground has been gained and more communication has taken place with your leaders and of course this has been kept secret. This communication has been going on for decades now and we have spoken of it in our contact with individuals taking our messages and some of it has ended up in books. Your leaders around the world have been contacted on more than one occasion at various times in your history and some countries do reveal their records for the public. Those of the United States do not and this practice continues. It remains to be seen just how much they will admit to. Full disclosure is unlikely but we want a chance to get our foot in the door and we will take care of the rest. We can do disclosure as a follow up, we can do it as an announcement ourselves and we can do it just about anyway you would allow us to do it and we are ready.

We are still in contact with your HAM radio people and the conversations are continuing in grand style and those interested are still wanting to receive information from us. They are still challenging us with in depth questions and I am surprised you have not heard more concerning this contact than you have. What is it about our communication that automatically says, “keep this quiet!” Someone is doing a magnificent job at controlling this information and refusing to let it spread.

I close now as we continue to reach out and be of service to you in all ways we can. I go in peace and hope that at some point soon our information will break loose and be there for all to hear and see.

I am Prosper

Go in Peace

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