December 30, 2020

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you. We see our progress is not being thwarted in any way right now and people are in agreement finally. It is a wonder but we will accept it and give thanks for it. At present disclosure is scheduled in a new year’s message so we hope they will follow through with it. It may not be as comprehensive as we would like but we can finish filling out the message with our contacts. It will start the year off right and get us on the road to people knowing we are here and then we can ease into the program of education. We must start for other things depend on it. You of all people know how slowly things have unfolded and there is movement in the political scene that needs to be addressed.

Now let me speak of ascension, both you and Gaia. This is a tandem transition, even thought Gaia has gone on ahead, she is waiting for all those to follow her and she is locked into the collective of earth soundly. It is her wish that this be done in this way. You, as a collective, have helped her and she has helped you to the ascension platform. Her deep abiding love for all her children has never failed or faltered. She was adamant about this, even in her darkest and weakest hours. Your bringing in of Light and your prayers and wishes helped to give her more strength for her recovery into a position of going forward and she is thankful for every one of you. She awaits and will guide you to her 5D position when ready. Then the work will continue. You are still scheduled to lead and to bring others with you because of your work. We are pleased at the way this has been successful and it is happening. The knowledge that is needed for those who do not know will come and hopefully their hearts and minds will be opened to the Love that is offered to them and the new dimension that is available. The energies will continue to come and will help with this part of their acceptance. As yet so many do not realize what is going on in the real world and they are still looking at the superficial happenings of 3D. They need to catch up and open their eyes for things are progressing.

May I speak of closure for all that needs to be left behind and for the chapter that is ending. We feel at times you thought this day would never come and we understand but it has come and a new chapter is beginning and much needs to be done in closing out the old. Your soul work in dropping or leaving behind what does not serve you anymore has to be completed. Some of you have made great progress on this and are ready to proceed. Others still have a few things that need to be mentally seen as not needed and you need to detach from them. Then you can go forward into the new energies and vibrations without any baggage. Process this request mentally to be shown if there is anything that needs working on to be left or dropped. Then be perceptive for an answer to be given. Focus on any thought or vision brought up and ask that any work be completed to process this part of your ascension and then examine what needs to be done. Most energies are waiting to be left behind if they no longer are needed so they should be easy to identify. Replace these left behind energies with Light of a creative nature and ask that they be turned into what is needed for the new life on earth. This is a whole new show and is the real deal now with opportunities you may not have had before. Explore your freedom to choose.

I need to speak of where you are going. What is happening and what will happen shortly is a game changer and it will seem that you are headed in an entirely different direction. It will be a whirlwind for a short time but will settle into what will work out in the long run. Continue to have faith that God is in charge and try not to let events unnerve you in your focus of the good earth that is to come. The energies are continuing to churn and have to be worked out to completion. If ever there was needed an enlightened group of people in faith and love who will not be deterred it is now. Be those people and be that collective with focus of what is God given for the new earth. Remain steady in your thoughts of closure and new beginnings of the promised gifts that are given. Do not be swayed by any negative, last gasp efforts put forth by the dark in their attempts to survive. They had their day of control and corruption and that is no longer in their power to do so. You have risen above this and they are clinging to such small things now that it will not last. They are horrified at their future and fear is upon them at this moment. The chickens have come home to roost and their night has fallen. All the wonderful promised things of new earth are not for them and it was their decision and actions that made that determination. You are in control now with your collective efforts and you know what to do.

I would like to close here with the thought of you being in control now. Make no mistake God is directing all efforts but your work for what is needed has continued and now with experience that you did not have before. We are please to see this happen. I go in peace now and hope that you do also.

I am Prosper

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