December 31, 2020

Let us begin. There are things happening and I need to give this message early today so that I can be off to observe. I come to you with the thoughts that things are beginning to unravel for the dark and their reign of terror and control is over. Their demise is upon them and they are facing the inevitable. Most are cognizant of what is happening to them but some remain in real darkness and are trying to force the issue and it is not working. It is sad, really, their blindness continues and their base of reality is not serving them well at all right now. It is almost as if they are going mad with panic. Some still remain free but will be removed shortly and as unkindly as this sounds, I would like to see this for myself. They are all treated fairly and are given every representation in legal means but the law is upon them and their freedom is almost gone. It is completely gone for most of them already. It is like reading the last pages of a book and we are in the last chapter.

Now strange energies are about and need watching from our point of view. We give thanks for God’s intervention on earth and His hand in all this is really beginning to show. I come in reverence and respect for what I see and most of all gratitude. Nothing is happening by chance and even though it may be difficult to see that, it is so. This is something the dark never understood. There is a mighty force much greater than they ever were at work here and this force has always been. The dark always thought they were in control and could change things to their liking. They had no faith in the words of the Father that His law was and is and always will be. Now they will see for themselves. That is the trouble with being unenlightened, you are unable to take in the truth of the power of All That Is and you continue to think in terms of your limited belief systems. Therefore, the dark continued to by pass the enormity of what they were doing in their transgressions against the laws of God. They falsely assumed they had real power and continued their dark work. Well, they were wrong and now the time has come for them to see for themselves just how meaningless their power is when it comes to what God has directed regarding earth. They thought all our words of warning and invitations to come to the light were not backed up by anything and they were wrong. It is sad to see that they are so surprised at what is happening. Their bad days are just beginning.

Now let me speak of incarceration and that is pertaining to those who have already been picked up and taken into custody. They were going along as usual and suddenly several entities show up and remove you from your reality and you are taken to a place of no escape and your rights are given to you. Your world changes and what was, is no more and you now have to take orders from someone else and you have no authority in the matter. It is devastating for them, this change in their surroundings and their freedoms. There is no freedom, it is gone. In the case of the earth courts there was some reality left in that the dark knew what was happening and where they were going and still they were surprised that they got caught. In their minds they would just go on forever because they “were in control” and had been for so long that it was stuck in their brains that this would always be the case. Slowly what is happening is sinking in for those who have already started the legal process. Some have been before the courts and judgment is upon them, but most are awaiting to see what their sentence will be.

The incarceration they are experiencing with proper food, a comfortable temperature and medical attention when needed is nothing like the enforced circumstances they forced on those on earth who had little choice in how they lived their lives. A daily routine including hard work with the thought of paying bills and trying to remain healthy was a constant challenge and these were the ones at the top of the list. Those at the bottom had much harder circumstances to contend with. Did they know what they were doing to the innocent who could not defend themselves? Yes, they were aware but did not care and this is what was so sad. They did not care. A reverence for life itself in any form, be it nature or human is necessary for every thinking being and disregard for this brings about returning energies of events from transgression of the laws. It is all being explained to them by their council for some actually do not get it.

This is what is going on at the moment in a large way. For now it has been hidden from you but is all too real for those involved. They are seeing a dead end road with no place to go. And now let me speak of the laws of God facing not only them but all of us. There is a certain premise that all is based upon, creation and everything. These are the laws set forth by Creator and is in all things for it is in the Light force of creation itself. When you respect this creative Light your lives will be with God and there is no opposition. When you transgress, there is a resistance to all Godly things and you wonder why things are not going well for you. You fail to see that you, yourselves are of God and are created under these laws and are maintained by them and function with them. It is only natural that things in your life are not going well. This is what your learning is about in that you come to a realization that all things are of God and you need to be in accordance with the laws that are in existence. This is how you thrive in the goodness of life. This does not mean all will be wonderful but it does mean that you are on the path of returning to God and your learning is as it should be. No one is outside the laws of God. There is no null zone where they do not exist and the sooner a person learns this the better off they will be. The term of going with the flow has real meaning for you for there is an energy of life that is God given and it is real. Help others to see this by example and by living your lives according to the laws of God and your lives will speak loudly to others without you having to say a word. Then let your words be respectful of all that is and of God’s laws and others will know that you have what they want out of life. Live the God that is within you and surround yourselves with His Light, not only for yourselves but to help others see what can be done in His will.

I come to a close now and hope you consider these words I have given. Be of God and hold steady for the coming days. I go in peace now and hope that you will also.

I am Prosper

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