January 1 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you this morning in your New Year. We are starting out with high hopes of disclosure once again and this will set the tone for the coming year of change. Our records show you are abundant with new Light being brought in and this also will set the tone for the coming year. Revisions are being made and are on schedule for more to come to the people and to Gaia. Revisions of thoughts, meanings and a new way of living with God’s laws being kept and people being free.

Now the unseen must be brought forward to be revealed to all and to be healed. As difficult as this may be for some, they will adjust with the new vibrations being given and all will move on. You are in good standing with your stability. It would be wonderful if all people were grounded as those reading here for we have come to know you and see that you are tempered as steel now and well versed in holding on through rough times and disappointment. You will take what news that comes and continue to move forward where as some may be stymied in their tracks and need a period of adjustment to continue. This is the hairpin curve I am talking about in the way of revealing what has been going on behind the scenes. Disappointment in well known figures whom you respected may take you into uncharted territory for a period. People who have done unlawful things have become good actors at presenting themselves as upstanding, but their acting skills will get them nowhere when judgment is here for them.

Now may I speak of definitive decisions and defining moments to come. The inauguration of your next President will bring some surprises and could turn out to cause much more than a second glance at what is happening. Things do not always turn out like planned and it is a sure thing that the Democratic Party is planning to take over, with Biden at the front. He is being led and encouraged by some who do not have the people’s best interest at heart and this will not be allowed. The time for that is over, as you will see in this new year for the motivation and direction for what is to come in leadership in the world is being directed by the intervention of God’s will for earth. It is undeniable and will not be moved. This is one of the definitive decisions that was made and that was the intervention of God in the United States election process. It was decided that the honest and true will of the people be shown in their voting process, and it doesn’t matter how many are working against this, the truth will come out. The people must have an honest reflection of their vote.

Another definitive decision was to remove the dark from the planet and this has been going on now for some time and will continue until completed. There are several ways to do this and one is by death of the physical body. Another being physically removed by force, which may or may not involve a double to replace them, and another is through the earth’s judicial system and the legal process. These are all being used at this time. God has many ways to bring about His desires for what needs to be done.

I would like to speak of integrity. There are those who possess this quality but few of these are willing or capable to lead a nation or country. Circumstances will encourage those who need to lead to be drawn to positions that will use their character to be of service to others and they will hear their calling. We will see how many give in and accept their place at the head of your country for decision making purposes. They are out there and are being encouraged at this time to follow in that direction. Sometimes you see what is happening around you and come to the conclusion that you could do better yourself. This is what is happening in many cases and they are correct. There will be a change over coming, so get ready for it. Change is the name of the game now and it has to be done. You, as individuals have a part to play in all this and you are also being led and encouraged to help make the changes needed in your leaders. You may say it is not time for a vote yet or not time for someone to step down, but I have seen from experience that you should never underestimate the ability of God to bring about His will in all matters he chooses. He will plant the seeds and then give them the energy to grow into what is needed at the time and it may not be the way you expect or would imagine but it gets done. The integrity that is needed will be brought forth for the purpose of the United States and all will help to bring this about in one way or another. Pray and envision for this to happen through God’s hands. This is your new world we are talking about and it will grow into new life before your eyes. Not by itself, but by the help of all and you are not exempt.

Now I would like to speak of expectations on your part. Above all expect that work is involved and things will not happen with the touch of a magic wand. They will be invigorated and encouraged but the actual work for Gaia will be done by its inhabitants all around the world. This is one way countries will join together to bring about the necessary changes and healing. It will take all of you working together to get this done and yes, the expectations are high for the new world to come but the man power is available and the desire will become great for this is your world and your children are waiting on you to be the leaders needed to get this done. Your children will know you were not limited in your desires by any controlling force and they will hear you speak of what used to be in the past and your children will be free from birth now. You can imagine what they can accomplish being free from birth, while seeing your example of freedom in all things. Your expectations should be of unlimited potential and do give this idea to your children for it has been a long time in coming. We look forward to seeing what you can accomplish now. Your time has come.

Make sure you do not limit yourself with closed off thinking just because you were not allowed to do it before. Habits are hard to break and you have been so controlled in the past it may take some time to work together in different groups with different objectives but you will learn and it can be done. We will not be leaving you and will remain to follow through with the same help available in your future. Step into your new calling and this will take some amount of bravery. Believe that there is a way to get this done and take into consideration the creative Light energy that flows in each one of you for this purpose to accomplish good things. It is more powerful than you have allowed it to be yet in your lives. Acknowledge it and use it and this may also take a little time. Always remember it is available to you.

Now let me say that I have attended many meetings lately and there are many more to come. Things are being observed and discussed at our tables and we have encouraged you in the best ways we know how. We have become close to you and see your desire to get out from under what control is left, for you yearn to be free. We do not encourage you to be law breakers but we do see that you need to oppose control that has kept you so in bondage. Speak up on this issue and look at what is happening in the way of attempted false setbacks. Pray for truth to show itself before you and make your decisions accordingly. Do not follow blindly but be willing to oppose what you know is not true. Study the facts and figures being given and ask questions. Your lives are God given and no one has the right to put you in bondage or keep you there.

I need to conclude now before I incite a riot. I make light of this but it is a serious topic worthy of much discussion in all countries for most all countries are facing the same problems. Chart your course in the way you want to go and think of your children s’ future. I go now with high hopes in your abilities and it gives me peace. I hope that you will go in peace also.

I am Prosper

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