January 2, 2021

Let us begin. It is with concern that I come to you this morning. I have taken a look at the energies and the closer we get to January 20th the more the vibrations and energies become agitated in appearance. I am concerned about what might happen regarding the two opposing thoughts of politics when push comes to shove and things do not happen like both sides want. Oh, my, how tempers can flare. People do not like to be disappointed and I think half of the people are going to be disappointed on inauguration day. There is no way both candidates can be President of the US but the feelings are strong and some will strike out beyond peaceful protest. Be advised there is difficulty coming when many are deprived of what they expect to happen. Take care and avoid crowds of violent actions. Be at peace with God’s plan.

I may be gone, or not available for a few days over some points that will take my full attention. There is much work going on here and it will become more demanding for us as we apply ourselves fully to the work that is needed. I have enjoyed coming to you and giving these messages. My scribe has been faithful to rise early at my bidding and my contact with her has given me insight into how thoughts are received. It is indeed an education for us to delve into the mind of someone else, with permission, to see how information is being received and we do learn many things. This education process is not only one way and it has helped us in the way we deliver information and also what we focus on. As you might know being a teacher is a heavy responsibility and we try our best to give what is needed to you for that moment in your time. Being able to adjust our information and the way in which we deliver it because of knowing how it is received is a big help to us. Thank all of you for your thoughts after reading our words and speaking to us in your mind. It is a big help if you disagree with us also because you explain why and we need to know. I will come back when I can and let you know how things are going if I am permitted to share the information. You have given me so much joy in knowing each of you and you are so dedicated to learning more.

Now I would like to speak of spirituality. The spirit is part of your being and is the impetus for being alive and it enhances the living experience to the fullest. Being filled with the energy of spirit is one of the biggest gifts a person can receive and there are those that have not received the gift of spirit in their being. It is somewhat difficult to explain what spirit is. It is the working part of the soul in that it is energetic in the carrying out of the deep feelings of wanting more and seeking to find it. The term spirituality is used often and is usually teamed with the word religion. Religion is associated with a church or a building most of the time and this is not what I am talking about. The spirit part of a person is one of the first things we see about a person. Their desire and wanting to feel alive in the law and word of God. Spirit is the living part of knowing that God does exist and you acknowledge this in your life. Spirituality is looked upon with reverence and is cherished and most times not appreciated enough in your life. Give thanks for the spirit part of your being. It is an enhanced gift you receive when ready and helps you to live life more fully in your path. Think of spirit as being your expression of God on steroids. Spirit makes it all more real for you concerning the God expression you choose to exhibit. Go with it and give thanks for it for there are those who have not yet experienced it.

Now I would like to talk of meaning behind words. There is a process in your communication that has bypassed emotion and meaning when using words. You are confined to the word itself, whether spoken or written. We, who use mental communication can impart emotion and meaning with our words when we use them and there are those who also can impart colors and sound associated with them in mental communication. You have a lot to look forward to. Have you noticed when you read some of the messages given by different highly advanced beings that you also receive feelings in addition to the words? The intent of the speaker is connected with the theme of the message or a specific word that is used. This becomes an added help when trying to convey messages from one person to another or to others and is used most all the time by us when giving information to you. It enhances the message with more meaning and emotion behind the words. This is something that you can learn how to do with training and practice. There are so many things you have to look forward to in your future. The opportunities are wide open to you with desire and practice on your part. Imagine reading words given by someone and along with the words comes additional feelings, colors and information. This is being done now by some and is very effective in delivery and acceptance by the reader. If you do have a trusted giver of information, open yourself to receiving additional information associated with the words themselves and see if the speaker has gifted his or her words with these characteristics. Just make sure you have a trusted speaker. There are many ways to communicate thought from one person to another and this is a more enhanced way.

Your future offers many other interesting concepts and they are waiting for you to encounter them and use them in your travels. Life in the physical is an opportunity to feel so much more of the physical senses that many do not have. Think of us here on a ship in your skies. While we are here we can only experience certain things through you. The wind on our face, the birds singing, the mountains and their snow capped peaks and so much more. We might have this opportunity back home where we came from but we do enjoy seeing your earth and the beauty offered. Give thanks for being given the physical and take advantage of knowing your planet when you can. We take joy is teaching you some of the things you at one time had but these things were taken away. We also enjoy your enjoyment of the things we do not now have the opportunity to experience. The world awaits you.

I will go now and attend to what is before me. I leave you with these thoughts and hope that you will consider them. Go in peace as I do.

I am Prosper

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