January 5, 2021

This is Joseph and one of my highly skilled team members. He will deliver the message this morning and has much to say. Prosper

Yes, I am Joseph and as Prosper is quite busy I will give information of current standing. We see that currents of energies are swirling in place and show a distinct polarity in thought in the United States. It will become even more evident in the days to come and burst into protest and more. There is no easy way to solve the predicament that you are in. Beliefs are so strong on both sides that it would be hard at this point to bring about a truce in the election effort. You have been a strong two party system for some time now and other parties have emerged with limited success. We anticipate protests, no matter which side takes office.

Facts will be presented before the courts that show unfair practices during the voting process and many votes were falsely counted for Joe Biden for President and this was done with forethought and done deliberately and perpetrated by the dark influence so that he could be used to keep you further in bondage and controllable. This will not be allowed and the court system should take action from the evidence given to bring about an investigation into what happened. We come to you this morning to tell you that God’s hand is in this to bring about in His own way the correcting time that He wants for the world. Make no mistake about what happens in the United States affecting the rest of your world. Your leadership will make a decisive difference in the lives of most all people in all countries, it is that important. It may be hard for you to see right now but time will show that events of the dark movement in the past were focused on continuing the direction of making themselves rulers over all the earth and making you subservient to their wishes. This involved your being lied to and told all that would keep you at home and separated from others. This is what they feared the most, was your collective thought of freedom for that was your strongest weapon.

The thoughts concerning Covid 19 are still divided today and again there are two lines of thoughts concerning the seriousness of this virus. It is fatal in some cases of already compromised immune systems but not nearly as deadly as the news media would have you to understand. The news, in most cases, are being pressured to present a slanted version of what is happening and you need to understand that the dark do have that much power to influence the giving of the truth, or in this case the non-truth. The dark were becoming so pervasive in all aspects of your lives that they were close to bringing about the overall plan they set out to accomplish many years ago. It was a total take over they wanted and they are still in shock that this has been stopped. Now many just want to get out with their lives and many more want to cause destruction in any way they can before they leave. Many have already been removed from you public and some replaced by doubles and in some cases by clones. Replacing anyone by a double or clone is a tricky matter and circumstances did not always give enough time for the substitute to be educated in the proper way. There will most likely be questions by people who have noticed a difference in appearance or manner. This will become more prevalent.

I would like to speak of residual energies you are now having concerning freedom and these will start to take more hold in the days to come and propel you forward to actions you would not have thought of in the past. These energies are exacerbated by new incoming energies that will combine with your desire of being fed up with what is happening to you and will unite with others and become a large force against all insidious and unlawful actions taken against you. Your eyes will be open wide and you will turn to look in your past and you will see the twists and turns to mentally give you information that served a devious intent. Then you will become angry against those who did this to you. We know you have the right to do this and we understand how this can be but consider your best course of action in this instance. You need to forgive and move on to your future that you want and it will be free of the dark influence. This has been promised to you.

Actions are being taken at this time to remove that influence which had you headed in the wrong direction and some of the people active in this movement are the ones in the legal system who have to go through the proper court procedures required to bring out the evidence to prove their point. This takes time and many have been doing the paperwork for weeks now to make sure all is in order in listing the evidence and obtaining witnesses that were present when these actions were committed. Things have been double checked more than once. You will be surprised at what will follow in the days to come. We see it clearly from our view point. Be prepared for objections, no matter what is presented before the courts for people already have their minds made up. The job was so well orchestrated in deceiving you that many accepted what was put before them as the truth. It will take some doing to straighten out.

I close now with appreciation for giving me the opportunity to speak and look forward to coming back again in your service. I envision your creative energies to bring about your most beautiful future.

I am Joseph in His service

One thought on “January 5, 2021

  1. Hi again Joseph! As you have admonished us I am re reading all your messages. You said doing so will be helpful for you have designed such to be the case. Reading them brings light as before and still is relevant. Very relevant. You probably knew ahead of time this would be the case. I have forgiven everyone and am making progress. I have a very small request when you are able to view it. It doesn’t matter when. I know you are busy. Perhaps you have a way to work with time in a way that we are not generally aware of is possible here on earth. With love. Your friend, Jacob


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