January 6, 2021

May we begin. It is joyful that things are progressing as they should regarding the legal avenues taken concerning the voting and the ballot count. The evidence that will be presented is overwhelming and one reason is because the opposition was so intent on having things their way that they were careless in their actions. In the first place it surprised them that the majority of votes were for Trump and they had to hurry to manipulate the ballot numbers. It was somewhat of a last effort for them to be in control and they had to win the election at any cost. They think they have it made now and the inauguration will go on as planned.

It is a big defeat for them to realize that it is possible that they will not be shown as the winner of the Presidential election and even a much bigger defeat that they will no longer be in power to act as they please. There are those who appear in control, but they are really not as they are being used themselves to bring about the result that is wanted by a few, who want to remain unseen and unknown.

Then there are those who follow the few at the top and these numbers are much higher. The payoff for them is the result of study concerning that person as to their weakness and that is what is used to bring about the compliance into the workings of the real dark in control. The workers, as you would have it, can be bought and it worked for awhile because they lived with the result of their wrong doing and their reward. It was a glorious set up for them and they were so pleased. The long term plans had been paying off for years and everyone was happy at the way things were going. The citizens of earth were coming into line and the pandemic scare was the great last nail in the coffin of independence and creativity the dark needed to place the citizens into the final mind set that was needed using fear. This would propel them into non threatening groups ready to do the bidding of the dark to stay alive and away from Covid.

Now the clear eyes of those who were searching for truth concerning this ridiculous lock down and all that goes with it started finding discrepancies in information and numbers and chose to question what was going on. Could it be that the plan was not going as smoothly as the dark had hoped? Now they had to think of a way to reinforce the fear that was fading in the minds of the people and so they came up with two very effective ideas. One was the vaccine and I can’t put too much emphasis on this statement. It contains elements that are detrimental to your bodies and to your health. It was not tested thoroughly enough and was pushed through with not enough time and there will be long range consequences for those who are not in top notch health. We have studied it here and know what they contain. The real desire and purpose of this is to thin out the population with a long range plan that takes just enough time so no one can say that it is connected to the vaccine.

The second ideas that was to keep fear going in the minds of individuals is the mutated virus that will threaten everyone and will be even more deadly than the first. Just the sound of that statement when they give it on the news puts fear in the minds of those who dare to think of going out and resuming their lives like they had before. I have to give them credit for being devious in their actions for this thought is working. Unfortunately the ones who have already started to question are going even further into the numbers and statements and find major elements in question. Could there be a plot that is so large that it is world wide? What is the real threat here and why would someone go this far to hide the truth about the whole matter.

Lives have been lost because of the Covid 19 virus and that is true. We wait for more to wake up and realize what is going on and hope that the fear will subside enough that all can see what is really going on in the world. Do not buy into the slanted numbers, which have included not only the Covid deaths but also the regular flu deaths that occur every flu season. They have been combined into the same category with the Covid death numbers and this gives a false inflated view of what is happening. There is concern with the flu and with Covid so take precautions as you normally would during this flu season. Do not let fear back you into a corner of your homes and cease to be free to live your lives. It is stressful for you to live this way and you do not realized how you are compromised in your living.

Now I will change subjects to one of a more lighthearted nature. We seek here to give you the information you need at the time and hope this gives you insight into what is happening on your earth. The enormity of opportunity for happiness is upon you when speaking of the new energies coming into the range of earth. Take these into your total being and allow them to invade every aspect of your mind and body. You have been so long deprived of plane old happiness that it may seem strange to have this feeling in the midst of what is going on but this is the way and magic of love energy. It is more than magnificent.

The security of living in the Love of God and within His laws is what is available to you and what is meant for you at all times, not just a few moments out of your year. See Him in all things and know that Creator God is ever present within you and this is real happiness and joy. This is not so serious a subject that you cannot laugh and find peace in all of creation. Study nature if nothing else and if you do not want to read volumes on the topic then look at flowers and listen to the birds and watch children play. Walk by a pond or lake or river and know that the same Creator that gave you these gifts is within you and think of what He can create guiding you in your life. Allow Him to work in and through you and be amazed. Seek him in all things and know that living in His Light and Love is the most fun and happiness you can have. I am not being irreverent here but telling you that you are meant to be happy. So let it be with you.

I will close here and leave you to think on these things. My wish for you is that you so connect with the God within that you find yourself smiling and being happy. This not only can be done but is your right to do so and is your highest choice in the pursuit of God’s path. Be in peace but also be happy.

I am Joseph in His Service

One thought on “January 6, 2021

  1. Continuing to glean of the light in your past messages Joseph as you asked. I can see how very true your admonishing was for us to go back and re-read your messages. We sure miss you. Parker said you are engaged in an area of even greater service. That’s what I understood of his words about your current assignment. Everything you said here is still very relevant. It almost is as if it was pre-written for this month of August 2021. We are close now. Please do all you can we ask to keep the enemy confused, busy and at bay as much as possible. I don’t know the reasons for any delays yet we are now here. Do not let the enemy take advantage in ways they have before during times of flux and excitement. This is our plea in the name of our Great Creator and Source. We have enough to prepare for as it is with all that is here and coming every day now as you well know. A respite from constant fiery attacks upon us light workers specifically would be a blessing without measure. None of us intent on any type of vacation only some time and means to prepare and lay aside all necessary provisions for the marvelous and terrible changes occurring now. With all the love in my heart dear brother, your friend Jacob


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