January 7, 2021

We come to you this morning with sad expectations of things working out concerning your political situation. We were hoping for some type of reconciliation of minds concerning the ballot count and the final vote but this is not happening. Legal papers have been presented and that is in order but there doesn’t seem to be a positive outcome as far as all being happy with what will transpire from this action. The energies are still agitated over this whole honesty issue and it continues to dwell upon itself with distrust and ill feelings. We can only ask that you Light workers continue to do your work and focus on bringing in more love concerning this issue in hopes this will augment what brotherly love there already is toward this outcome. We continue to monitor this situation closely. Your work is invaluable.

Now is the time for love to come into your plane of existence with great gusto for the energies coming in will give greater opportunity for this to happen. Circumstances prevail in this issue and the intent of this next wave is multipurpose in that it is bringing in the elements that will allow for more love to enter the heart and the total being but also an element of not only moving forward but establishing a strong desire for freedom and movement again. Both are needed at this time and many will take advantage of this feeling and go forth seeking movement and freedom with their daily lives.

We know this goes against what is being mandated in most all places of the world at this time and there will be a conflict. Any time the individual is held down for a long period of time it goes against the natural state of being in the mind and body and this causes problems in both. God created you to be free and this is the natural state of the I AM being. The difficulty comes in the belief that at this particular point in your Covid problem actions of freedom will be seen as problematic concerning the law and also in some minds. This is a controversial issue to be sure and as we have stated cautions should be taken in all countries that would normally be taken when confronting a flu season to keep it from spreading.

Therefore there is a question of what to do with these energies that are asking freedom of you. We suggest that you do take advantage of them in that you work on the mental aspect first of knowing that you are free to work and live and you will again when the economy comes back and there are jobs to be had. In the mean time follow your inner guidance as to how to go about bringing this freedom of movement back to your country with non-violent actions. Use some sort of exercise program for the body and see that it is held in freedom of movement each day and this will take away much of the lock down feeling. It is difficult for me to suggest total freedom but I do suggest to work in that direction toward regaining your total freedom again in some peaceful way. Do take walks alone at first and do breathe fresh air when possible. The pall falling upon the mass of people can be lifted but you are going against the desire of the dark to keep you separated and not coming together as a group and resisting is your inner energy direction at this point. Freedom from the mandated lock downs all over the world is the goal and going along with this is the idea of peaceful movement. Caution is one thing but total lock down is another. Find your balance in all this and we know this is not an easy thing to do.

Some countries are actually arresting those who go against mandates and use good judgment when deciding how to deal with the new energies giving you desire and thoughts of being free in your being and in your mind. This is a delicate balance for not only are you dealing with the laws that are coming down to the individual cities from your government officials but you will also be dealing with the mind set of the people who believe that they should be followed. Let your minds and your bodies feel this freedom in all ways you can even though you are still somewhat restricted in your movements for this mental image of freedom will help you deal in a more positive way with what is happening. Remember, no one can own your mind and your abilities to heal and frame your truth but you. If you feel the God given freedom in mind and body you will live in freedom no matter what your circumstances are. The mind is leading the way on this one and you will reap the benefits both now and in the future if you give in to the freedom of your mind. It will set the course for your overcoming what is trying to be imposed upon you. Create this freedom in your mind first and reality will follow.

We see both a diverse attitude and also a coming together in different areas. Much has been done in the area of collective mind and loving one another. Never before have we seen so many gather together in their desire for love, peace and overall focus of care and compassion for all beings and this is not only for humans. You have traveled many difficult roads in your history and you are wanting better for you and your children. Caring for one another and loving one another is reaching to new levels and this is difficult considering what is opposing you at this time. You will not be held back in this perspective you have because you have a taste for it now and you know this is the way in which you want to live, grow and continue forward. It is a most delightful sight from our point of view to see you advancing in this manner. Do nurture this intent you are encouraging in yourselves and see the wonderful places it is taking you. Confront the big problems of distance and mistrust of one another and use your propensity to the basic levels of all things, which is love, for that is how we were created and how we are to live. It is coming about and you are making it so. The diverse part is still present but even this can be overcomed by the strength of love that you are presenting, to not only the world you live in, but this is a much bigger picture and involves other beings and other planets.

I will go now and hope that you maintain your hard won freedom of increased love for all things and all people. You are expressing the most important part of the God within and this is love.

I am Joseph In His Service

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