January 8, 2021

Let us begin. It comes to me that all is not well with your attitude toward politics. You are so disappointed with the actions of what is going on at this time and you should be. No one should expect to move forward by destroying property that is owned by the people. You have already paid a high price for your freedoms with the lives of your men and women in combat and now certain ones are acting out in the name of freedom, trying to make it better? This is not the real story behind what is happening and there is a plan but it is not freedom.

Take my word for it, what you see is not in any way in the name of freedom. You have a corrupt few with money who wish to continue the deceit leading to bondage of the many and no better way than to lay blame on the one trying to better the situation and bring about freedom for the masses. It is a set up with money changing hands and people playing a part and becoming actors. This is a well orchestrated plan and it has worked. Look at your news. The blame is totally against Trump for causing this disgrace and you are taking it in and swallowing it without looking at what has really happened.

Yes, trump is speaking out against being satisfied with what is going on. He wants change, and there needs to be change but not at this price. Trump in no way is behind the damage done by those who took it upon themselves to destroy. I wish I could show you the back room deals and the cash paid out into the hands of those who don’t care how they get it. People are hungry and what is bad is having a wife and children who need food and you would do most anything to get it for them and here is the money in your hands. A trip to Washington DC and money in your pocket and motivation and there you have it. A crime in the making. You are being deceived in the worst of ways and playing into the hands of the dark if you take the main stream news media at their words. This was not a Republican action to bring about focus onto the truth of the ballot count. This was an action of paid actors to profit for money because their families need food and essentials to live. I beg you to look again and reconsider what is going on. Someone is trying to discredit and separate you into warring sides for devious purposes and it is working.

Truth is a hidden concept at times and it has been thus so for you for so long now that it is hard to get you to realize so much you have been told is wrong. In order to get to the truth it is necessary to go back so far in your past to where the lies started and this makes it more difficult for someone like myself to find a starting place to even begin. Truth should have neon, flashing signs to prove its authenticity so people would know it is real. You have been fed un-truth for so long and it has come in such subtle ways that you took it in and based most all following upon the first lies given and it seemed to make sense to you then. It has been a well thought out plan and insidious in its purpose and it was working. Now, when truth is given, it is so deviant from what you have been living that it seems strange to you and difficult for you to believe. Truth should come with smaller adjustments but it has come to a point where the truth asks you to make such big adjustments in your thinking you end up being so cautious and much is lost in the enormity of what we ask you to believe has happened. Our task is great as to what we ask of you to believe for you are reasonable people and how could there be a long range plan that has been perpetrated upon you all these years that would make sickly followers of you without your resistance? My dear ones, IT HAS BEEN DONE!

Now it is our task to bring you about in your thinking to face what the facts are and it is a mighty task that we have taken on from our God to give you direction and information to set you free. We are obedient in our service and nothing would please us more than for you to know the truth and to resist against the bondage that you have now seen come upon you. Energy waves have come to give you not only strength but more of the love influence to soften your hearts. Sometimes I think what we need to give you is a hammer and chisel to chip away the solidified lies that have surrounded you, our task is that difficult. I do not know how to influence you to listen to unseen strangers from other parts of the known and unknown universes for information that is not only true but will set you free and give you a new life which has been promised to you by the return of your Christ.

Speaking of Christ, He healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, raised the dead, turned the water into wine and taught love and compassion for one another and still there were those who did not even care to listen to him. What chance do I have to get your attention and have you trust and believe me? You cannot even see how handsome I am. I try to bring levity into this most serious of talks but you get the idea. I bring you these messages and hope within my heart that the words bring meaning and take root in your thinking and nothing would please me more than for this to happen. I tell you those that stormed the Capitol in the United States were not put there by Trump or motivated by him. They were paid to do this by the dark. Do not fall for this lie.

You are beginning to wake up and see what is happening and movement forward is encourage by the few that are Light workers and they have been faithful to continue their love for their work. Make no mistake about it it takes dedication and obedience to the Father to work all these years to continue what they do. You might think someone just sits for a few minutes in prayer every few days and that’s it. Far from it. These dedicated individuals have slogged through the deepest of challenges in their own lives to come into the Light and into service of the One and they do not just give of a few minutes in prayer. Theirs is a calling of great importance to turn their complete lives over to the Will Of The One and place themselves in His hands for whatever is needed. We have woken people up in the middle of the night with a calling to Light work and they have complied willingly and done the work time after time and the work is long learned and sometimes complicated. Nothing is simple about it when you take in the concept of bringing a certain vibration of Light and energy down into the level where you live and anchoring it into Gaia time after time. The ability does not come easily for them and they have paid their dues to get where they are. Do not take their work lightly and also do not take their results lightly either. Some day you will know, as Prosper says. This is true.

I will close now and leave you with TRUTH. Cherish it and use it wisely in your thinking. Truth is sometimes difficult but it will set you free.

I am Joseph in His Service

One thought on “January 8, 2021

  1. Warmest Greetings to you dear ones. I wish to thank you for the work you are about. It is a grand project you have learned to carry on in day after day without thanks or even notice.

    ‘Gracias Gracias queridos! De hecho, estamos muy agradecidos más allá de las palabras en cualquier idioma!’

    I speak these words for the billions who will someday see all of your efforts and the many ups, downs and profound struggles you have endured. It will be quite the eye opening experience for them each and all to finally understand.

    Oh how I long for that day when all evil is overcome. It is remarkable dear Joseph how precise your messages are in relevance to the present time. I don’t know how you did it but somehow each message you gave from the past seems to apply and overlay perfectly with the very day I study it anew. Truly the divine hand is upon you and your efforts.

    We try to maintain a positive outlook despite the many distractions each new day brings. I feel somewhat adrift as though in a ship at sea without a rudder observing the constant delays that continue to go on and on. By delays I mean the unending opposition towards the goals and progress this site is themed around. When will we see the lasting real definite changes for the better we all hope for? I could get specific but you know the things I am speaking about. There is a scripture that has always given me great strength that I would like to share:

    2nd Nephi Chapter 10 Verse [15]:
    Wherefore, for this cause, that my covenants may be fulfilled which I have made unto the children of men, that I will do unto them while they are in the flesh, I must needs destroy the secret works of darkness, and of murders, and of abominations

    What this means is that God is truly in control and His purposes will not be frustrated or come to naught. It means that things have become so bad that God must directly intervene. We know our dear family beyond the confines of this solar system and galaxy coming in His name and service is a component of this Godly intervention. Whatever differences in perspective, understanding, culture, methods & procedures, customs, awareness & application of truth etc etc that exist here on earth and to a greater extent among & between you who have come really doesn’t matter because the Creator of all is orchestrating this work in divine harmony and precision. The sum is greater than all the working parts. We have a bright future to look forward to together. We are all eager to overcome completely the invasion of the dark, the fallen nature which has invaded this beautiful planet. I can’t wait to learn all that you have to teach yet all in its proper timing and unfolding according to God’s timing. I am excited to learn how all the great teachings come together. We are here hanging in there the best we can doing all we can to survive and throw off the corruption. We desire to have a life not necessarily free of challenges for hormesis is healthy as I understand the term, but we desire to live free from the shackles of any & all possible ways of deviation from Heavenly Father’s eternal ways of life & light. We desire to live free of evil mischiefs of any type whatsoever. The possibilities of progression once darkness is conquered is infinite. Thank you for reading our comments. Enjoy your day dear ones. Your brother, Jacob


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