January 9, 2021

Let us begin. I come to you with news of a good sort and see that progress is being made, even though it does not appear that way from your vantage point. The behind the scenes activities are still going forward and the promise that all things will be revealed is still in affect and will be carried out. Do not concern yourself with plans for the inauguration going forward. You can’t be more assured than when God decides to do something and things are in His hands. Efforts by the dark are still going in their last efforts but they will all crumble when the hammer of truth is lowered on earth and everyone will know just where things stand and where everyone stands and what cell they are in. Well, maybe not what cell but you get my meaning. I feel free to tell you like it is and I am holding a lot back, even at that but what I say is true and you deserve to hear it.

Now that the second wave of the pandemic has been presented for you to swallow it is expected that you will once again return to your homes and remain becoming a non threat to the day and they will continue with their plans. I don’t see this happening. I see resistance from those who are fed up with restrictions and will come forward in an attempt to regain the freedom they had before Covid. This will meet with opposition from those who do believe all that is told to them and this will be a big conflict. We would hope that all differences of opinion will be carried out without violence to anyone and that everyone will be allowed to express their lives in a manner that is lawful but one that is free. This Covid thing has just about gotten all the mileage out of it that it is going to get and especially when more truth about it continues to come out to the public. We are doing our best up here to see that this spreading of truth regarding Covid continues and everyone gets a chance to see or hear it in some manner.

Our readings of your inner feelings as we see from the collective consciousness continues to grow in love and compassion for others and that desire to be more accepting of others feelings is in a stage of expansion as was intended from the energies being given. You are taking these energies into your beings on a level where they can do the most good and this is bringing the level of consciousness into a higher state of existence. It is just that the expressions of the dark making their attempts to continue in their past fashion is still being used and it is not working. They are trying but you are not falling for it as they had planned. The wall of opposition to their machinations is growing day by day and they are quite discouraged at this reality. This realization they must come to has to be played out and all their hidden activities have to be brought forward and this is the disturbance that is being seen at this time. This has to be done before you can move on to the next step.

While the dark are being discouraged to a great degree, you are being encouraged now to a great degree and this is giving you strength and determination to break out of your imposed restrictions and gain ground in trying to regain your freedom in all things. Not only do you have desires of going back to a previous normal but you now have desires of a better political environment than before and more equality where an economic future is planned and expected. You think these are lofty goals but they are not. They are reasonable expectations of free living without being taxed at every turn while paying ridiculous interest rates. You have lived under such rules and laws that were allowed to fill the pockets of the few at the top and this has gone on for years. The huge plan the dark envisioned is crumbling around them and you are witness to this. It is unfortunate that this is not what you are getting in the news. The news is still slanted and this will take some doing before this is corrected. We look forward to this day and we know you do also. Continue to work on your visions for a free future where people can and will live in peace and have the chance to pursue their talents and enjoyed hobbies in an environment so different from the one you grew up in. Become this freedom in your minds, no matter what you see out your windows and this will help to create the promised world that you have been told about.

We have talked about your economic future in detail for years now and you have seen no visual changes but this does not mean nothing is being done to bring a better economic future about. Many have been working on this issue for decades now and they are making great progress. It was a discouraging path for a long while because the control of money was so strong but that is coming to an end and you will have your relief from the strong hold that surrounds all aspects of your money situation. It is happening. Unfortunately it will not be sooner than you think because that ship has sailed You were deserving of this freedom long ago but the strong hands of greed were unwilling to release their grip no matter what pressures were put upon them. I must say they were persistent to a high degree. The creative ability of Light is also persistent and is stronger than the dark attempts of man, no matter how strong a hold one has on their money. This is one thing the dark has never really come to realize is the power that God has concerning everything. The dark lived with their thoughts of control and because they got away with it for a long time they did not consider any other power but theirs and this was a mistake. They are now finding out how much of a mistake it was. The walls of confinement they will reap are not comparable with all the years of toil and restrictions they put on you, day after day. They cannot escape what they have done and what they caused. It is inevitable.

I will leave you now with visions of brighter days ahead after this period of adjustment and revelation. The world will come into its own as promised with opportunities. Are you working on that happiness I mentioned?

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “January 9, 2021

  1. Thank you for these things given some months ago dearest Joseph. We love you and your messages resonate something within. Please don’t leave us hanging here in devolution. Anything you can update us with while honoring OPSEC is greatly appreciated. Your friend, Jacob


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