January 10, 2021

Let us begin. I come to you with information that the earth will make some changes soon. It is with forethought that I form my words accordingly to inform you but not to panic you and make you to become fearful. There are pressures building around the earth which will cause not only earthquakes but eruptions and the skies will be dark with ash and smoke. This will take lives and people will be with the Father and in His hands. You see, you are never alone, no matter where you are. Gaia must make these adjustments to bring things into balance and we are her children upon her and she has been concerned about all of you for some time now. The changes are upon her and there is no other option. Be prepared as Prosper has suggested, and others also. Our hearts are with you.

I ask you to listen to your inner guidance in all things but now more than ever. Circumstances are about to become hazardous in certain areas and you should know where to be and how to go about your lives. Live for God and be in his council at all times. Trust in this and in His plan for things that seem heartless are not. He is warning his children in many ways but his warning is in my words today, so listen closely. There will be problems with breathing in areas around the erupting volcanoes so know that this is coming. Prevailing wind will carry smoke and ash for miles in a large eruption and the weather information is a good source of information when this occurs. Protect yourselves as much as possible. We have done what we can to tell you of the dangers of both earthquakes and volcanoes and it is difficult to predict an exact time in both. We are hoping there will not come a time when you wish you just had political problems to worry about. We are talking about several places all over the world.

We are constantly reading measurements and looking at conditions and make these statements with near certainty in location and close to timing and we are not wrong. Consider your options with preparedness and location and do be ready as much as possible. You will be further informed with your news media and they should give information of what has happened in what area. Look for distribution of food and water to be cut off for a short time in some areas but for a longer time in others. Be ready also for some power outages and downed cell phones. We are not sure how far this will go in internet interruption but it may happen.

I ask you to remain as calm as possible and do seek to be in the Father’s light at all times. There is no room for fear in this as it goes against your receiving accurate instructions from your trusted sources and that is within from the Source of all that is. Trust in Him in all things. People in general trust in most things but the times now are asking you to trust in all things and go accordingly. Your lives are about to become more complicated. You have weathered storms as big as these before and you can do this again. You will be encouraged by others to fall into their groups of panic and fear but do not give in. Remain calm for that is where you will receive your instructions.

The thoughts of a calm man leads him and gets him through many tough times and this has been proven over and over when your heart is aligned with your Creator. Refuse the temptation to go outside your calling as you are still in service throughout what happens. Provide help to others but not at the cost of leaving your post of faith and trust and being in the Light. It is your way now and how you live. Unite with others in your collective consciousness and go about your Father’s business. Please take these words to heart and remember what I say. We are channeling this preparedness to you from your Father and it is His wishes that you be informed of this.

We are not sure how long this will last or how severe it will be but do not give up for your whereabouts are know to us by your countenance and your heart and we will do what we can to be of service. I leave you now with these words of warning but also words of comfort and instruction. You are loved so much more than you know. In this His words have been spoken.

I am Joseph In His Service

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