January 11, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you with good news that channels show progress in the way of legal matters taking hold and warrants being issued for arrests. It is beginning the next step of bringing people into custody to legally allow the process of defending themselves begin and they will have the opportunity to do so now. They can no longer have their denials to be unofficial for now it is recorded in legal terms. They have the right to legal representation.

The wheels have been turning but now it is becoming apparent to the dark that what they have hoped to avoid is upon them and they must face the courts. Of course they will want bail but in some cases this is not possible because of the charge and the fact that they are an escape risk. It is the law. There would be no warrant for their arrest without proper cause and this has been shown to the judge presiding in that particular case. There are many cases and many judges involved. We see the United States military planes patrolling the skies for small privately owned aircraft that might carry someone evading arrest, so there is that being done. We also note that borders of the United States are being patrolled for those trying to evade arrest this way. Measures are being taken to bring those in who have been designated and they will have the opportunity for representation. All steps are legal and fair.

I bring before you the thought of hope for a non-violent resolution to the world’s problems. Strings are still being pulled by those in control of the puppets and there is much bluster and posturing going on right now that is being ordered by the few who wish to remain anonymous and behind the scenes. The news is still reporting what they are told and there are a few good sources of what is really happening. What is important is hope and remaining connected to the Creator’s Light and your source of truth and instructions. This chaos will continue yet for awhile for all is still up in the air and has not settled. Please remain calm, cool and collected in your being and in your Light work as it needs to continue at this time. This is the storm before the calm. Hold on and remain steady as certain pressures of the earth’s crust are trying to find a way to relieve that pressure and this also is part of the adjustments that need to be made.

So, you are in the thick of it right now and doing well, I might add. Who would have thought this year would supersede last year in unusual events but that is what is happening. Last year and this year will be history makers in a large way and many of you requested to be here to see it in person. Those who are wholly aware of their mission at this time are putting forth their efforts to try and give others a chance to wake up and become aware also. The new energies are helping with this and we have many who are headed the way of knowing what their purpose is at present. So many never let the message come in to their waking consciousness and they kept this information from themselves. Gaia is still concerned about her children and still beckons them all to follow her into the new level of vibrations. It is possible things may become more intense and understanding is needed on the part of everyone in that God is in charge of this movement and it is going forward under His direction.

Remember that love is the answer and when love is kept in the forefront all else will come and fall into place. As difficult as it is to understand Source, we know this to be true. There is only love. We also find difficulty in understanding all that is but we encourage you to follow the premise that Light is the creative energy that contains all manifestation presented and one of the manifestations is love. It is the binding element that you were encouraged to learn and exhibit from your Christ when he was on earth. He has not changed his mind in this and is telling you the same today. Somehow through your meditations and reading and learning you must come to the understanding that love is the key and this comes first in aligning with Source. Love of self, of others, of nature and creation and all things for all is of God and Source and is of Love. Do keep this in mind and if you must focus on only one thing let it be love.

I leave you now in the process of understanding all things before you and at present this is a tall order for much is going on. Be in love my dear ones for we love you greatly and we are in your service.

I am Joseph In His Service

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