January 12, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that there is so much unrest around the world. Your United States is in a series of adjustments at present and it will be upsetting for you as these are made, but do not be concerned at the final outcome. All will be handled as it should be and things will fall into place as the days go along. Proper plans were made as far back as several years ago and the proper foundation was laid for this to happen. Please continue your meditations and Light work and ask for God’s will to be done in all things.

Now for the Yellowstone National Park concern. The pressure is building more so than usual as this has been building for some time now. There is a confinement of pressure rising to the top and as time goes by the level of this pressure gets closer to the ground level. If it does not find some other way to relieve this pressure or some other avenue it will come out onto the surface with force. This is a big concern for it is rather large. It is hard to predict when this will happen but the area is not safe at present.

In your journey of life it has been necessary to bring before you circumstances that give you an opportunity to learn the lessons you need to learn in order to progress. Your lives are custom designed for you in this respect and believe it or not you have had a say in this. You might think I would never bring this upon me but in fact you do want to learn and grow and if you do not learn from the present opportunity then another one will be presented until you do. Earth was designed for a learning situation and this was given to you as a gift of learning in this respect. There are many other reasons you are here but learning was a big one. This process as it was set up for repeated lives and opportunities at learning has been altered now because the book is closing on this chapter in earth’s history. The design coming in your future is for longer lives and not the repeated short ones you have had.

The period of peace as promised is upon your horizon and the learning of lessons will be done in a much better atmosphere and without so much pressure upon you to accomplish other things. Life should become increasingly more enjoyable with more time to pursue the things of interest to you and to spend more time with your family and friends. The strict lives you were living were not suited for good health or a good state of mind and this presented many problems in coping with trying to get through the day. We are all directed to learn the laws set forth by God and to continue to learn His teachings to bring about an alignment with His will for our lives. This should be part of our lives and part of each day. In the past you have been hard pressed to do this with all the other requirements made upon you. In the coming days you will have more peace and more time to do this.

Certain events in progress will surprise you and some will shock you and you should try to adjust to the truth of the matter as best you can. Remember so many of you wanted to be here at this time and in this instance it is a privilege to be here for many were denied. You most likely had an important part to play and a promise or contract to fulfill and there were many that did not wake up to realize what this part was and who they were. Those of you who did wake up took it upon themselves to try and bring others with you through your anchoring of light and through your examples of living and reacting to what life was bringing. This was done along with having to struggle through the challenges you were presented in your own lives. It has been a balancing act to be sure and one that you have worked on for years now. In the broader vision of things working to better all that is is a big challenge in itself but doing this while upon earth and under the circumstances that prevailed at the time made it an even bigger effort and challenge. At times we held our breath to see how you would adjust. To say it was a big assignment is an understatement.

You have done well and continue to do so. Even now in the tremendous changes upon you from several different directions you continue to live by your code of belief and faith and do what is asked of you to bring about the end result needed, which is a tall order. You have proven yourselves time after time and more people are waking up and letting the new gifted energies work in their minds and hearts for a better outcome for all. You are now about to receive the blessings of your efforts in a most positive way and you will be able to feel and see the end result of all your hard work. Your questions will be answered in the education part of this plan and that is coming up before you.

As you have noticed we tend to talk in terms of long periods of time where as you usually speak in terms of days, months and years. This has been confusing for you and sometimes for us. Our view is so much different than yours where time is concerned that we sometimes forget to word things in a more understandable frame so that we will be somewhat on the same page with our meaning of time. Sometimes our words have not had the same meaning as the same word you would use. This is something we both have had to overcome. Our view is long into the future and our lives are longer than yours and as in all things it depends on ones perspective. When I speak of things coming up before you now I do mean within the next few months in terms of your political activities. These circumstances are changing at a rapid pace at present and there will be a change in direction from what was presented in the last few weeks. The struggle is not over between political parties in the United States and this is being worked out with surprising turns of events.

I ask you to be observant to what is happening and to hang onto your faith in the plan and continue your work to bring about a more love filled earth. I leave you now with these things on your mind and hope that you remain steadfast in the hands of God and in His understanding for your lives.

I am Joseph In His Service

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