January 13, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that your political situation is in no way resolved. Such strong feelings on both sides and no compromise. This is a struggle between Light and dark and there is no middle ground to be had. The dark want total control and this means to use the people and make no mistake about it, they were in the process of getting rid of those who could not be of benefit to them. If you were retired and not paying into the system, you were of no use to them at all. You think things are bad now. If the dark had their way you would automatically be eliminated after a certain age or in the event you could not work. The system was slowly being set up to do that very thing.

Nothing comes from keeping people in bondage and using them for the purpose of greed. This goal was set long ago on your planet and when taken in small steps, as was the case, it wasn’t that noticeable to most. Your tax dollars were used for secret things and your income was taxed at a higher rate as time went by. Even if you had questions there were lies to be given and the bonds on your freedom became stronger and stronger. Now there is a chance for things to change and you will have your freedom again.

With freedom of choice comes responsibility and guidance will be given to all.

We have come to be of service to you and there have been many occasions when we visited you for this reason. In your history there are stories of our visits and most all are taken as representing something else for how could it be that there were always people on other planets waiting to help and this was not known or revealed to you. It is true that not all visitors were benevolent. Some did mean harm and some did remain here and that is your source of dominance today is from visitors of long ago. Things are progressing to free the earth of their plans and their greed. Their time is over now.

Your individual path to perfection is difficult in the learning and many opportunities are given for insight and wisdom. This process is something we all have to go through and there is never a place where you stop learning and growing. Al least there should not be. Many put learning aside for various reason and one is control or influence by an outside source. One of the ways you have been kept in control is by influencing or altering your minds. It is done with much experience behind it and reinforced with trigger words or signals and you become an agent that will do whatever has been implanted in your mind. So many have fallen under the influence of this type and it was becoming more prevalent in obtaining what was desired. The messages received in some are subtle and guide you into actions you would not otherwise take.

Consider the advertising business. Continued messages out in the open repeated many times drives your children to want certain toys and foods. Not only children but adults will begin to look at certain means of transportation with a deeper desire for something they feel is necessary and they cannot live without. This goes for most anything that is repeated many time to your mind. Think of what could be accomplished if the messages were good things and brought you to better health, behavior and happiness. The option is yours to pursue.

One of our directives is to achieve the wisdom of knowledge in as much as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation. Part of the responsibility of freedom is to keep learning and know what the laws are that we are bound by. There are so many ways on earth to take your minds off the difficult challenges that you have to confront. It is easier to come home and turn on the TV and to get your mind onto something other than what is bothering you. After awhile you do not even realize you are avoiding living in general and just marking time until you have to get up the next day and go to work. Where is the enjoyment in that type of living? Chemicals to help you forget your problems are consumed widely and frequently for this purpose and many times this gets out of control and leads downhill. You must take control of your lives and look for the sustaining values and strength that comes from Source to bring you to a place of facing what is happening in your world. Forgetting about it or hiding from it has gotten you no where and has allowed others to take control. Be alert to what is going on and also be of knowledge concerning the laws of living and being. Strive each day not only to live and align yourself with God’s laws but continue learning and spending time in His council. Consider how you are spending your time and make sure you are considering happiness and joy as one of the things on the list of good ways to be in alignment with God.

We all have times in our life of sadness and grief. How much better it is to face these times with the understanding of the laws and with the desire to walk in light and love. You have a place of strength and a source of love that is never restricted or forbidden to you. Spend your time there in the closeness with creation and Source and know that as difficult as things may be you are always sustained by what is within you from Creator. Let that be your strength in the knowing of who you are and that all things are possible in going through hard times and in recovery from any setback or devastation. Knowledge of Divine things gives you a different perspective of everything and makes it possible to continue through all as Daniel did in the lion’s den. Let the intentions and workings of Father into your life and see what can be done and what you can withstand. You will not get as far on your own.

I will leave you now with what you already know. Be in the Light and Love of God and consider all can be accomplished and even more than you can imagine with His guidance. Find that place of strength and let the winds of life blow around you for there is more to come before you get to the green pastures.

I am Joseph In His Service

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