January 14, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you and tell you how things are going. Progress is being made, even if it seems this is a slow process. The events that need to happen are happening, arrests are being made and people are being held accountable for their actions. The wheels of justice are turning. All the things we told the dark would happen are happening. There are many whose role is not fully known and you may never hear of their sentence or penalty but all are being processed through a legal system and justice, by God, will be served. The day has come for them and if they have not been taken already, they will be. The illegal actions that they got away with for so long will stop. There are many to deal with as this web of wrong doing was pervasive and world wide. It is continuing and many are being brought in. No one will fall through the cracks or get by.

As this is happening the energy of earth is changing and pockets of dark and heavy energy is lifting or is becoming smaller. The continued dark actions caused much dark energy and it has to be dissipated or removed in some manner. This is where your earthquakes and volcanoes come in. Some of these actions are caused by or are exacerbated by this dark collective of energy and something has to give. You see, all is connected with everything else and this is why your work of Light and Love is so important. It has a direct bearing on EVERYTHING. A kind word, a soft touch or a smile may seem like small potatoes to you but it all has energy and plays a part just as the opposite action of darkness does. You are heading toward a world of good actions and good intentions and this will create the world you have wanted for so long. This energy we speak of is in all things and is so mutable and is changing all the time. This is one reason it is so difficult to say what will happen and when. It is all subject to change.

There are prevailing energies and time lines that carry much energy with them and these are the ones that give the most promise for happening and these are the ones that we tell you about as being manifested in your future. This does not mean it is one hundred percent for happening for the energy given to it could change and this is what happens many times as we speak of what will come. It is a “this moment” type of reading of circumstances that we are seeing and telling you about. We know it is disappointing to be told something will happen and then it does not and most of the time this has been what occurred. The energy shifted and this is caused by intentions changing or more energy being entered into the probability of a different sort and it changed the picture of manifestation. This is why we tell you that you create your own realities by your thoughts and intentions for it is being done all the time.

When a person goes on day after day thinking of the worst possible things that could happen to them and giving these thoughts their energy, either because of fear of past history, it creates that type of solidity in manifestation for them. Their worst case scenario happens as they thought and this just reinforces their thinking that nothing good ever happens to them. The reverse is true and you bring about the things in your lives. There are certain limits of course as now when God has brought His hand into earth and has taken control, then His energy, being all powerful and all knowing, is what is manifested. This is what is happening now and why we tell you certain things are one hundred percent going to happen. There is a difference between our energy of probabilities and God’s energy for His never fails once the decision is made to set things in motion. The dark’s energy of free will was put to a halt and what they gave their energy to and wanted to happen is no longer valid and has been superseded by God. Again we say that the concept of God’s power and control never was fully understood by the dark and they kept going with their unlawful ways and this was God’s laws they transgressed against and not just man’s. Woe unto them for their lack of understanding.

It is a sad thing for us to witness their actions for so long knowing the end result. Also a beautiful thing to witness the intervention of God and seeing things righted and brought back into the Light of His being and the Love of his intentions for earth. It is very moving and emotional and so many of you don’t realize yet what has been stopped or who is responsible. Now, as the influence of the dark is lifted, you will have an opportunity to learn and find out all that has been going on in your history and we have a part to play in this education. There is no reason to lie to you or to deceive you and what we will bring to you will be the truth of the matter, even though is is difficult to believe. It is our directive and we will do this truth telling. After a time of adjustment you can move on and live the lives you were given in the freedom that was intended with understanding and that joy I have been telling you about.

Conditions over the world are all changing and each country has their own history to bring about to right and this just takes awhile. Some countries are steep in their set ways and will take longer to give in to what is needed, while others are ready to change and bring about anything better than what they have been experiencing. More all the time the people are in greater charge of what is happening and the will of the people is being known. It can be done with a change over that is quite difficult or one that is less violent. We are seeing all these options being played out now over your earth. First the conflict has to be brought to attention for all to see how wrong the conditions are and then the actions to make it better come about. This is rather a large goal world wide to bring about the changes in all countries but it is necessary to get to where you want to go. In your distant past all the countries were not as closely related to one another as they are now. What happens in one country has grand effects in all others for they are so intricately connected. What is happening in the Untied States at present will bring about changes world wide.

I leave you now with the most important thought of what you think and how you act is so vitally important not only for you but for all other things and all other people. This is why we ask you to join with others in your Light work to make it even more powerful because it is a force of energy that is creative. Never again feel that your thoughts are of no consequence to anything. Entertain the thoughts of goodness and Light in all manner. Be a beacon to others in your actions for you now have been tempered as steel with the earth experience and you have become a Universal being, if not greater.

I am Joseph In His Service

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