January 15, 2021

Let us begin. It comes to me that there is more talk of dissension between your political parties. Both sides are really set in their opinions and beliefs. There doesn’t seem to be a common ground for any type of talks to spring from concerning getting along. Evidence is coming from the Republican Party concerning wrong doing about the vote count and this will cause more concern for the public on both sides. Is there not thought of differences of opinion without violence and this much hate? It should be possible to work things out with no one being harmed but there are some very dark forces behind all this and they are feeding the conflict. One movement is wanting your current President out of the way and another movement is trying to divide your country further, no matter what the circumstances. The end result for this is to cause destruction of your country internally so others can take over and this is coming from both inside and outside your country.

You are wanting peace but are opposing several dark forces and all are wanting the same outcome but for different reasons. It seems all are against you and even yourselves are opposed to each other. There has been intervention now working behind the scenes and there will be much more turmoil before the end is in sight. Continue to pray for God’s will to be done. What you are seeing is not the whole story being told just yet. Almost none of what is on your news is anywhere near the real facts of the matter. There is so much information you need for foundational reference in order for things to make sense of what is happening now. This story started a long time ago. Under the circumstances the beginning of the story will be difficult for some to believe and this is presenting a challenge as truth comes out now about what is really going on.

Do not be concerned about the final outcome for there is Divine intervention in this process. Accept that you are progressing toward the goal and it will be achieved. Divine intervention is a beautiful thing and I have witnessed it and always it brings about a reverence within me for God and a respect for His Love for his people and the ways in which He goes about bringing things to Law and order. There is always a way with God. His means are so spectacular in their coming about and if you look carefully you will see His hand in all things. Do not make the mistake of thinking something cannot be done or accomplished for with Him all things are possible. There is man’s achievement and then there is man’s achievement with God and this is the life you want to live. God is always available for you but you have had free will to block Him out of your lives. You are in the process now of learning how He resides within you and you are the evidence of His expression. It seems to be difficult for you to know that all things are of God and in Him you live, move and have your being, for you are of God. There is no other expression. You choose to allow or to deny and the dark have long denied God and it has led them to no good end.

The life you choose to live with the knowledge of God within is multiplying all your assets. Your opportunities for learning may still be difficult for you but the hills and valleys presented are not as torturous in their experiencing. You are part of a whole and you become a support and a source of Light and Love that helps all beings and all things. People make choices all the time and few consider how God would want those choices to be made. Seek His council in your daily living and think of His direction each morning when you face a new day. This is an ongoing process if living in His will and you are never removed from or outside His ability to guide you in all things. It is not as if you decide one day to go to God and let Him in, for He is already there. You become aware of who you are and that is an expression of Him. How closely you express Him in your lives is your choice but He is always YOU. Consider this statement for a moment and see where it brings you in your thinking. So many are afraid they are putting themselves above God when they do this and that is not so. There is no above God, there only IS. Be in the moment and be of God’s expression in that moment in all things you do and think.

I am hard pressed to bring you a higher teaching than this one. It is everything and I would like for you to come back and review these words again, if you will. Take them in an let the meaning find its place in your mind. I will leave you now for these words are of tremendous meaning for you and all your future moments. If you remember nothing else I have said, please remember these words. Make my day.

I am Joseph In His Service

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