January 16, 2021

Let us begin. I am bringing to you this morning a message of hope for the resolution of disturbances around the world. There is another wave of energy coming that contains large amounts of the energies to broaden your perspective of peace and love for one another. This wave is not like others in that the contents of energies are different. It has greater potential than the energies of the past. It has already been set into motion.

The proper way to receive these energies is to greet them with gratitude, not only in what they can do for everyone but also gratitude for the sender, which is Source. Take them into your being in all aspects and process them to the best of your abilities and let their potential magnify your love and compassion. You have worked hard to be where you are and this additional opportunity can be utilized fully in your receiving it with an open heart. There are those that will be resistant and cannot combine or blend with what is given and this will not be comfortable for them. For those that can take them in it will be a greater step in the right direction. This wave does have potential to bring about what is needed in the progress toward peace.

I see that all is still flowing in terms of agitation and discontent for many reasons. Your dislike for being kept at home with requirements of isolation from others is growing by leaps and bounds. You will seek ways to try to combine what is mandated for your health with more freedom and you will have a difficult time in combining the two. Some of your governments are very restrictive and severe and this is not going well in the implementation of fines and arrests. Illness is serious and death even more so but there has to be some freedoms left for you to own. Remember to be free in your minds and your thinking and let this help bring about the manifestation of freedom in reality. When you focus on creating your future you concentrate on what is wanted and desired, not what you don’t want and what is. If you want more prosperity do not focus on lack but on abundance. Think in terms of the positive aspects of what is needed or desired.

You are in a time now that does create things more quickly than in your past. Remember to give the time line of what is wanted the most energy and not the time line of what you don’t want. The more people that give energy to good health and freedom the better the chances of creating it quicker into manifestation. Bring to life that which is positive and good in all things. Start your days with intent on things becoming better and spend your time living that attitude of becoming that which you want to live. It works in all good things. We still have some things that need to come about and they will but do not let the release of darkness keep you from the visions of the peace and freedom you deserve. You have to drive through the garbage dump before you get to the promised land, but it is there.

Now I speak of finalities and closing of doors and chapters. There are many who have played their parts in this time of your history and their story is over. They will find a way to step out of this time one way or another. Some will see and experience the joys of returning home to family and loved ones. Others will be reviewing their consequences regarding their actions while upon earth. You might wonder how it could turn out well to leave your families and loved ones here on earth and expect to be happy anywhere else. Make no mistake the love and friendships made while here on earth will be remembered and the good times will not be forgotten along with the lessons learned. The homecoming in store for those returning home is full of love and emotions also and it will be a joyous time for all involved. You have worked for many life times and have waited longer than was expected to return home and this will be a happy time for you. Embrace the thought with great and positive expectations.

We see this time of conflict getting in your way of knowing the positive outcome ahead. The conflict is looming ahead and clouds your vision for what is on the other side. It is understandable that this does happen but do not let it take over completely and so much that you give up on the good that it will bring. It is necessary that you do keep the time of promise before you and you do give this thought energy and see it as truth for it will be. Hold onto the positive aspects of this process and do not hold onto the part that has to be to get there. If I could show it to you I would but it is already in your being and knowing. If you do not have it in focus now, then find it and pull it forward.

I leave you now with a new world in creation. It is yours.

I am Joseph In His Service

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