January 17, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that you are living lives that have to be overthrown because of those who want to control you. The natural inclination of a person is to live in freedom and to be happy. You have lived in different circumstances for so long that you were coming to accept the lack of freedoms and you sure accepted the lack of happiness. You were willing to let your happiness go and accept the fight for just getting by. This goes against the laws of God for all living things are meant to be free. I think the lack of happiness bothered me most of all. I long for the day now in which you will awake to a day of joy and happiness and think it is normal.

The harmony you achieve not only applies to your mind but to your body. It was created to also be in a state of happiness, so to speak, and all parts functioning in harmony with all other parts, like a beautiful symphony. You have to have good food, clean water and clean air for this to happen. You have a long way to go in this area and becoming one with body and mind in a state of happiness or harmony is the goal to hold onto. There is much to be done on earth and the people willing to meet these challenges are already willing to get started on them. There is no lack of good intentions on this part. We are here to help you and guide you in this process and one of the first things is the air you breathe. We have to stop the chem trails in your skies and this has diminished greatly already. One of the things that goes along with them is re-gaining the habit of breathing deeply and fully. Make it a practice to stop during your day and just breathe for a few minutes. Your life style has taken your focus and breathing fully went by the wayside. The shallow breathing you have become accustomed to is not getting the job done.

Another thing to work on is getting back to clean water. There was a time when water was all there was and this worked wonderfully. Again we will help you to eliminate the things in your water that do not belong and in the meantime do work on eliminating all the undesirable drinks that now fill your lives. Most drinks have sugar and there is an abundance of this in your food already. Learn to give water a chance again in your daily routine and then we can start to focus on your food. Here is a huge area that needs work also and there is so much to say about what you are eating.

You can see that there are many areas to give your time to as far as reclaiming earth, not only for yourselves but for the next generations. How can you follow your path and gain wisdom and understanding with less than a healthy functioning body and mind. Start taking the small steps toward a healthier life by watching how you breathe, what you drink and what you eat. Then present yourselves before God each day willing to let Him work in and through you. The body is to be respected and cared for and it should not stand in your way. The dreadful things planned for you in your future were more of the same debilitating practices that brought you to where you are now. Do not let them continue and break out of the habits that draw you down and rob you of your energy and clear thinking. Learn to hold yourself to a higher standard in your practices where your body is concerned and do treat it as worthy of housing your soul.

While you are making these changes to live healthier lives you can receive the truth and understanding available to you each day and this is where we come in. We understand big changes start with smaller steps and we are here to serve you in this transition, which will take more than a few months. There is nothing holding you back now from small changes concerning your health in breathing and clean water. This can be done and there is no point in waiting. Other opportunities will follow as time goes along. Your food needs to have more life giving qualities and this will be addressed. This beginning is not in your future, it is in your now. Embrace these changes you can make and are available to you. No one is holding you back on beginning for this is within your power to do so.

You will see big changes within the next few days. The attempt to control you has not been given up and continues. Hold your freedoms high in your prayers and meditations and continue to bring in the Light to earth and all her inhabitants. This is a mighty time of transition going on and there is still much to go through. Remain in faith that God’s plan is working toward His goal for you and trust that what is going on will lead to the conditions and state of play that is necessary for you to live the life that was intended. Be at peace with the steps toward total freedom.

I leave you now, hopefully working on a healthier life style and healthier habits for your soul to enjoy.

I am Joseph In His Service

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