January 18, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you with joy that things are progressing as they should. The legal part that is hidden from you has been taking hold and paperwork is being done. The announcement you have been expecting will be made soon and this will get things rolling. There should not be any delays. All is in place and ready. Take heart dear ones for that which has been promised is coming about and is happening. Do not worry. We can see it from our vantage point and it is looking good.

I have started of with encouraging words and my wish is that you remain positive in all your hopes and expectations for what is to come. God does not always work with show and flourishes so that everyone can see. Many times He works in the background within the hearts of men and women and he has also been known to work in the actions of animals and with nature. So, with the thought of His capabilities in mind, do not doubt or be concerned in this instance about what He can bring about, whether you are able to see it in its entirety or not. It will be done. The proof you are seeking will be shown.

Now let us begin to understand what is going to happen. All things are being done legally and once again the United States will be the country of the people. No longer will there be back room deals and money, or favors of some kind, changing hands. You are watching history being made and there will be no doubt when it happens. The announcement you have been expecting will be shocking to all of you and even those who feel they know everything about what is going on and what has gone on. There are circumstances of reality that need to be exposed and they will be. Have faith and when you hear what is to be revealed remember this needs to be done, so hold onto your grounding in Source and remain in His Light for there are those who will not know what to do and how to go ahead. It will change things for all but all will not have the steadfastness that you possess. Give thanks for your understanding and also for your courage.

You need to review and take stock in what you have already come through and what you have accomplished. You are stronger than you realize and finding your way in the midst of chaos has been your element. You have met tough times before and have taken them one step at a time and come through some very difficult challenges, so do not underestimate your abilities in this instance. Your vulnerabilities are still there but they are experienced now and being vulnerable also means that you feel strongly in the areas of love and compassion for all others and you will need these qualities. So stand tall my dear ones in the days to come and feel that strength that you have so gallantly gained through the times past of all your lives and call on us when there is a need. We are here and will be.

We understand you are tired of all the going around the specifics and details of what is to happen and you are wanting to know what gives. We have done much to give you all we can and there are circumstances that govern the energy of what is to come and to give you too much information would change things and it must be played out in the energy that is necessary for all this to work correctly and in the manner it needs to. That is not much comfort, I know but this is the way it has to be. Sometimes you just have to go ahead with what information you have and trust that God’s will is being carried out. This is one of those times. You may be becoming tired of the phrases of trust, have faith, and go with the flow but this is our advice and encouragement and we would not steer you wrong in this. You, because of your knowing, do not live in the same world of the unenlightened as so many do and will not traverse the next few days in the depths of despair like so many will. Be of help whenever possible and always be the example that you have become with your life.

You will be happy to know that the information containing truth in the workings of the dark is coming out in leaps and bounds over your computer websites and by radio and more and more people are being exposed to the truth of what is and what has been. There are more people putting it all together because of what is being exposed and we are delighted that this is happening. It has been a long time coming.

I leave you now in your Love with no bounds and this is also encouraging to us to see your state of being. My dear ones you are of such Light now and we can see you from afar. Do carry our offer of help with you at all times and remember we are here for you. If ever you need us for direction or help and the answer from Source is not clear, do call upon us and we will hear you. We are in your service. Think of us as an additional insurance policy in your name.

I am Joseph In His Service

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