January 21, 2021

Let us begin. I, Joseph, come to you after much attention to your earth happenings. It is with pleasure that I tell you things are progressing, even though you cannot see them or feel them. Our indications are that things have played into the exact place they need to be. You are coming along as you should.

This is just a short note because we are extremely busy at the moment in your time and our attention has to be given to performing certain duties, but it is nice to be needed. You are loved greatly and that word is not adequate, nor is there one I have been able to find that is. We see that many are in a state of frustration and are perplexed because of what has not happened. It will come. I tell you all is well.

Please, now more than ever, continue your Light work and bring the codes and Light energy down to the surface of your planet as you have in the past. Do not give up in your actions or in your faith. We do not have enough carrots to dangle before you to equate to the temptations you have accused us of. Yes, we want you to keep going in belief and faith and trust in the plan that has been laid out before you. The big picture is that we have actions and proof to back up these plans. It is not only our word on the matter but it is the Father’s word. There is no other proof needed than this. Did you see how Christ healed the sick and made the blind to see? No, but you believe it happened and some of you were there. You are about to live the proof for yourselves. Remember my words.

I am Joseph In His Service

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