January 22, 2021

Let us begin. We are seeing that you are still wanting something visual to prove what you have been told by us. There have been no volcanoes, no earthquakes of sizable force in the US and you question everything. Then if our words are not enough you will have your visual proof as time goes by. We know you have been disappointed in the past and you have been manipulated and lied to many times and we understand the tendency to want proof. It is unfortunate that you still need this.

I am inclined to give you words of comfort as this is one or our purposes for being here. We help in all ways possible. You know in your past and ours also that there have been setbacks and it stands to reason in your thinking that they could happen again. We understand but again I tell you that things are progressing as they should, even if there is no physical proof. There is activity that you have not heard of yet or have not seen, that is going on concerning those who are being arrested. It is being kept quiet, as much as possible, by those who do not want this information to get out. It will come out. Those who transgressed against the laws of God will be brought forward to account for their actions. This is the law also.

It is your right to question but this does not mean it is in your best interest to do so if the truth comes from Source. We advise you always to question information given from different sources and this is for your own verification. We do not think it wise to question information from Source for this is truth. We would hope that your experience in the past would give you the verification in Source and the information given. Do go to Source and find your answers. We do highly recommend this as your truth and act accordingly. Base your day upon the God given answers that you receive and lay your course of activities upon what is true. You will know what is right and you will find that things are following what is needed for all to be concluded in the proper way. Give of yourselves into that understanding and live in His service for what is asked of you.

These are the times when you may step out of your comfort zone to follow instructions a little differently than usual because of the abnormal circumstances that we are in today. Energies are different than they have ever been and we must act accordingly. Always shield yourself with the protection of Light given and do believe that all is well. There are those who still are free to act and they do not mean well. Be at peace within yourselves as these days go by for they will end in a most glorious way. Do not be concerned that certain things have not gone as you expected. Accept that what looks logical to you is not always the path that God has planned to get to where He wants to go.

Be more at peace my dear ones for things are more in God’s control than you can see right now. I bring you these words of comfort for you to think over. I go now and hope that the peace that God brings will steady you and help you in your belief.

I am Joseph In His Service

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