January 24, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that the indications are troubled. You have a dual set of circumstances that are going at the same time. One is the visible leadership that was constructed by deceit and is the one before you. The other one is the legal one hidden at this time but is the real one. Never before in your history has this happened and when so much is hidden the resulting emotions caused are also dual in nature. Let me explain.

Your sworn in President before the cameras is based on falsehood and is not legally holding the position of President of the United States. Neither is the sworn in Vice President. Both of these people are troubled by the legalities they know are binding upon them and they realize now they are playing a roll before the public. They continue to play their parts trying to follow through with what they have agreed to do. How do they know the show that was put forth is not real? They know the law and the deceit behind the election and they know what was presented as truth to the public.

The binding laws are complicated and for the most part the citizens do not understand what is happening at present. The election was illegal because of an erroneous ballot count and did not portray the true feelings and wishes of the citizens voting. Actions leading up to the vote set about things in motion for your previous President to continue as leader and his position is legal and binding at this time. This is where your real power of President of the United States comes from. Study your law as it pertains to opposition against the United States from within your country. As I said it is complicated. There are those who are voicing the law and giving out this information to the public and you will have to look for them but they explain it legally.

I am not trying to confuse you but things do have to be based upon the laws of your land and they are binding. The evidence will come out and will be explained to everyone. God is your Source in all things, in all ways and in all eventualities. This is your guide in what is happening. Again, I say go within for your answers for there are troubled waters and many will not be able to get beyond this to see the meaning of it all. The work that is needed for you to connect with your God within cannot be bestowed, given or bought. It has to be earned through intent to find the real meaning of your life and where that life originated and how it is governed. I cannot make you see what is unseen and I cannot make you feel what that connection to the God within you feels like. It takes the seeking of the Light and Love that is in all things.

This is your security and the answers to your questions. Sometimes the answer to prayer is “it is coming” and you must wait for it. Meanwhile you are grounded in the faith and understanding that sustains you in all things. Can you possibly be at peace with “it is coming”? Remember God is not the author of confusion and confusion is all you can see at the moment. Step back and take another look through the eyes of Oneness and rest there in your understanding. Allow the answers to come to you through truth and not from what you are hearing on your news. Seek these answers in the privacy of your own heart and mind and listen, then seek out the meaning and explanations that are available for they are there.

I encourage you to remain steadfast and to seek His council in all things. Make your decision to cling to Him during times of distress just as you have done when all was going well for you. These may be the times that try men’s souls but the truth is there and it will come out. Do not be discouraged and stumble over falsehood.

I go now and hopefully leave you with some portion of understanding. Stand firm in God’s Love and you will come through this as God intends.

I am Joseph In His Service

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