January 25, 2021

Let us begin. It is apparent that certain abnormalities exist with the proceedings concerning your voting for President. Why these did not be recognized when evidence was given is because of premeditated attempts to conceal the facts. These will be brought out in time and things will be righted. This cannot be hidden forever. Dealing with the dark is a dangerous activity because they do not value life and lines must be drawn on how far we are willing to push them. They are destructive in all ways and they care not. You’d think if you were right that you could go ahead. Caution has to be taken for we are all dealing with those who are so far removed from the Light that correct thinking is not part of them. Do not harbor any hate against them and when possible pray for them.

Now let us get on with our road or path to learning. We gain information and after it is partnered with life activities that give us opportunities to see first hand how things work, or in some cases how they don’t work, we gain wisdom. Wisdom is a process that is backed up by experience of being and this is the business we are in is to gain knowledge that leads us to wisdom and gets us further along in our path or journey to perfection. It may take awhile and of course this is an understatement. The beautiful thing about this process is that we have the time to do this. The loving Father, or creative power, affords us the opportunities to do the learning, the experiencing and the knowing of all things. We have several Michael Sons that are ascending and several that are descending.

Those who are ascending Michael Sons are on their way up to become creators of their own universe. The descending Michael Sons have attained the Paradise goal and are on their way back down, along with their attained creative power to gain more knowledge and wisdom from the experience of creating, sustaining and managing their creations. As you can imagine this is an intricately, complicated process. They are to be respected for their attainment and achievements. Your Michael Son is well accomplished in his past and in his present dealings with all that is. He is so busy with everything that you hardly hear of Him. Believe me when I say it takes all of His attention to do His part. Are not all your heavens in their proper place and your planets revolving around your sun as they should? This is no accident for the same creative power that comes from Source is imbued within Michael Sons to perform their duty. It is magnificent to think about. That same Michael Son loves you beyond your knowing.

When I tell you that all your goings on concerning earth are under the loving gaze and control of Father’s intentions, this is true. There came a time when conditions became so out of control because of free will that intervention had to take place and you are in that time now. We are never given or offered instant healing in all cases. Christ was known for this when he was on earth and his “miracles” are well noted and remembered all these years. Your earth became so out of bounds that it is taking a lot of time for them to be corrected because it has to be done in a way that sets up the correct governance of the people and of the land on an entire planet. We are basically simple people but processes have to be funneled through us, upon earth, to set this new way of governing into affect. This is not happening with a magic wand and stardust.

Thank goodness that you are in a time of instant everything as far as communications are concerned or this would take longer. It is happening behind the scenes, for the most part but more will become evident as time goes on. I try to bring you the understanding that I can but I am lacking in physical evidence for you, except for the arrests that have already taken place. They are on record. Not much is being given out to you at this time and then there is always the misinformation, which is your steady diet on the news. This is unfortunate for it hinders so much in your taking in of facts. It really gets in the way and understanding is mandatory for you, not only for you to understand but for the respect that you deserve. It is yours to know. I do my best in my attempt to respect you with truth.

Please let the workings of Divine Will proceed at the pace that is needed to get the job done in the manner that has to be. The proper foundation was placed here for you long ago in your history when your America were young. You just have to get back to it and this will afford you your freedom to live and be as your Creator wills. Feed your energy and thought into a proper process with meditations and intentions for you are a strong part of the creative process and are needed greatly. Your achievements and knowledge are also being used to bring about God’s Will. This magnificent force that you call by different names uses all Light to bring about His desire and this force said “ENOUGH” and it is being done.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. Be compassionate in all dealings with others for they are God created too. Love is the essence of it all.

I am Joseph In His Service

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