January 26, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I bring you news of forward motion concerning the arrests of certain ones around the world. Over night many have been located and arrested for the court system. These are ones that have had warrants for arrest and were on the list. We are talking about dozens here. They will meet their justice. Removing them from their chosen activities will bring better vibrations for all and make room for more light to be anchored. We are smiling here and we give thanks for those on the ground that have played a part in this. Not only the ones who tracked them down but the ones who worked over a desk gathering information and witnesses for statements. It takes a team and time. I knew you would want to hear this and hopefully it will be on your news or given out in some other form.

I need to remind you that this could not have been done without you and your dedication and work. You did not just play a part, you became more informed people and better educated yourselves in the ways of not only the Light but of the dark for it takes knowledge of both to change things and you chose to change things in a big way. As I said it takes a team and time. You have cause to feel good about what is happening for the wheels of justice are turning and you just may hear of what happened over night. In any event you can feel good about the results. It is a rude shock when you come to know that you have not escaped and you have been arrested and are on the way to a reckoning regarding your actions. It is very sobering. Many phones of attorneys around the world are ringing now wanting people to represent them and the process of this part begins. I have certainly not found any joy or pleasure in their wrong doing but I do find a huge sense of relief in this part where they are removed from society.

These people do need your prayers for their free will has kept the Light and the feelings that you have come to know from their lives. This part is so very sad and their sentencing will be also. This will show how lost someone can become and continue to be. There was no frame of reference to even get them to realize what a different life would bring them. All the power and self worth and security they could ever want for their lives and they refused the opportunity. There have been many tears cried over their actions and for the people they hurt along the way. Now they will review their actions that transgressed the laws of God and also the laws of man. It will take some time but it will be done.

As sad as this concept is, it is good news and what we all have wanted for some time now. Upon review the depth of their darkness upon others and severity of their actions overshadows the happiness and joy one might feel. I feel for all of you in the revelations of the facts of what has been going on for so long. Your angels in heaven will be attending you concerning your adjustment to learning what will be told. Some of you already know but most don’t. We are greatly concerned for you in the finding out. We will do all we can to help you. This time had to come and it is now beginning, the truth that is revealed.

Healing takes time and comes about in small stages. There are things you can do to help, not only yourselves but others. Keep in mind that this is part of your Father’s will and is part of freeing you from your bondage. You cannot complete this process without knowing what has been done. As I have said it is your right to know. Keep a watch on your emotions and try not to let any hate build up toward the wrong doers.

This is what happens when you do not allow the God within to be recognized and you refuse the Light and Love that is so abundantly given. Yes, you can be this far removed from who you really are and where your life comes from for you have free will to do so. What is ahead of them is part of the laws given for us to live by. Remind yourselves that the decisions you make have consequences and they will not be forgotten. This is why I advise you to ask every morning when you rise, Father, how would you have me serve you today. How can you daily express the God within? It is the fulfilled life that you are wanting and affords all the things in life that you need. Notice I did not say want, for sometimes we want things that are not needed.

The universe is giving of the things that you ask of it but along with enlightenment is the responsibility that goes with it and you will learn, as time goes by, the value of things and you will find that you do not need so many of the things you have wanted in the past. Your different perspective changes things for you when you look at your life. Use your knowledge and your wisdom gained through experience well when creating your lives. You will continue to change as you make your way along your path and you will come to know what it is that you really need.

I have brought you this bit of news, not only for your understanding, but in hopes that it may help you to feel that things are getting done. I am hoping that enough of this information will get to you with the news and maybe some video and this will verify my words. It has been proof that you are wanting and maybe this will go a long way in providing this for you.

I leave you now and tell you there is more to come that will verify other aspects of progress. Continue to remain in the Love and Light that you have worked so hard to acknowledge and to cling to. Love is really all there is. It is the learning of the importance of Love that is the challenge. Please, go in Love and compassion.

I am Joseph In His Service

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