January 27, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that the news does not contain more of the movement toward removing the people who have been arrested. After all this time you’d think I would learn their motives to keep you uninformed. The lengths to which the media has been coerced into following instructions instead of bringing you the news is staggering when you consider what is brought to you as the news. No wonder you perceive things as moving slowly or not moving at all. Our efforts are so stifled when it comes to you hearing about them that we are disheartened for you. You end up being asked to maintain your faith with so little to back up our words. We, in no way, want to belittle the power of Source to work in whatever way is necessary and there is no law that says you have to be witness to every step but we realize the restrictions placed on your hearing about what is happening does cause you to have to make a bigger leap in faith in what we say. Nevertheless, we continue to bring you what we see for ourselves from our vantage point. Some day I hope to meet you, face to face and have you know that all is truth that comes from here. It is a short coming of mine, I guess that needs this validation for I do have things I need to work on concerning my character. It is just that we feel your wishes to believe us so strongly and sometimes have so little physical evidence for you to go on.

The strength of God’s will is without measure and when taken into the heart and mind rules out the doubts that crop up concerning all that is. The confidence in living with the One and breathing that life that is offered removes the source of doubts and fears that often arise when trying to live your life removed from the Light that offers not only so much but everything. This is what is needed for you to traverse what is going on now, as if a moratorium on news has been declared. We are frustrated by so much being held from you, along with so much being given that is slanted and this is putting it mildly. We continue, as you do and make our way as best we can in our appointed jobs.

Now that I have given all of us cause to grab a tissue, I will try to correct this and we will continue. This is not a time for sadness or looking back at the moment for you are moving forward in the right direction and this is a far sight better than what has taken place for many years. So, let me encourage you to pull yourself up into the Glory and Majesty of your Father’s Light and Love and forge ahead in your calling. Consider this a pep talk and keep the goal in your sights at all times, no matter what has been thrown in your way by the long held domination of the dark. Their intentions were God less and you know that the source of strength you have is limitless for you have proof of what you have already been through and have overcome. This is fact and cannot be denied. Continue with all haste and intentions to bring forth the Light and goal of your new world, without the influence of the dark as it is being removed from your energy of earth. This is a big moment in history, the time the dark were removed from earth. So much will be and is being lifted at this moment and this will continue.

Do take time to give thanks for what is happening for this is the culmination of much hard work on the part of so many and this includes you here on earth in physical form that committed your efforts so long ago to just this end. It is happening! You are all changing with what is happening and the energies are different and you are adjusting to them. There were times when you had to make your way in the darkness and you came out stronger than before. You have much more to go on now and all will be revealed, it just takes time. Do not give up on any of it. If it were easy lesser people would have been sent, but you were chosen because of your abilities and character to do this. You are not alone by any means, so take heart. The way ahead contains more light than you can imagine at present for some things are hard to comprehend.

I leave you now with uplifted chins and clear sight into what has been promised to you. See for yourselves in your knowing until all is revealed on your earth. The intervention that has taken place will continue and cannot be denied. Be ONE with all that is.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “January 27, 2021

  1. Thanks Taylor for this open channel and thanks Joseph and the GFL for the updates. It is heartwarming to hear what’s really going on even if its a summary of it all.
    Much love


  2. Hey, just putting this here about the arrests, I don’t think the MSM is ever gunna report the arrests but on alternative news sites u can see some hints of what might be going on, gunna link a site I’ve been following ever since Kibo linked it, dunno if u follow operation disclosure or not, seems to be truth/disinfo/wishful thinking and maybe some other things, it feels genuine though in that they really do try to present what they hope is truth, maybe just getting dates wrong and such or having something happen later than expected but either way here’s the link:



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