January 28, 2021

Let us begin. Joy brings more good life to the individual and also to those around them. Joy, laughter and lightheartedness are expressions of being connected with the source of life and gives depth to all that is experienced. It is a by-product of living in Light and creative energy. I would say it is impossible to live in true connection with your Creator and in the Light and not be in some type of happiness and joy. It shows in the life of the individual and is an expression of God and abundant life. Allow this process of bringing back the joy and happiness into not only your life but in those around you. Encourage others to make way for happiness. This sounds like something you have to work at but this is not the case. It comes as a condition and gift with who you really are and is in proportion with the degree to which you are living and being in the source of all things. It is automatic.

I once told you to work on being happy. This was worded incorrectly, as you have found out for yourselves. There is only practice of connection through intent and meditation or whatever works for you and the joy and happiness will come. How is it possible to be happy in today’s life with all that is going on? It is the power of love and is a state of mind that is not only possible but is greatly desired by your being and your highest expression of who you are. There is no gilt associated with this happiness, no matter what is going on around you. You assume that if others are suffering you should not be happy or that it is not respectful to feel good when others are feeling bad. Lift others up and show them what living within the parameters of the expression of God in your life can do for your attitude. There is absolutely nothing to loose. There are always moments of concern and problems that arise in life and there is a time for sadness but don’t stay there. Heal, revive and come from your many years of being held down and held back into the Light and power up.

Everyone seems to be talking about the strange energies or the changing energies and this is true. This time in your planet is different than any other with all the transitions that are happening. Your mind and your bodies are making changes that have never before been required of you and it may be unsettling but these are necessary. Your God given bodies are remarkable in their ability to adapt and they are coming through with express lane speed and can be aided with your positive mental attitude. Be kind to yourself with as much rest as possible and with a better, or proper diet. You have heard the suggestions before concerning what you should avoid and what you should be consuming. They were suggestions but valid and important ones. You have the choice to make this time extremely difficult where your health is concerned. The reverse is also true and changing habits can be easier than you think when you consider how differently you will feel if you adhere to what you know is recommended. The higher vibratory foods are so compatible with your vibrationally enhanced beings now and you will find that it is well worth your effort to change what you consume when you consider the outcome. The foods you choose are not the only thing to be considered but also is the amount. Yes, I have hit a nerve here and hope that my scribe is paying attention to this. I am trying to be kind here but it is important and in consciousness admittedly this is known. Do follow through on this suggestion as this is an important part in the becoming process.

You have read and you have studied enough to know the things that are recommended for you, not only for your body but food in thought form for your mind. Do not consume trash in any form by taking in thoughts that do not give you a chance to be the best expression of your Creator’s life that you can be. Do not make a trash can out of your reading, viewing and mental negativity. What have you accomplished if you clean up your diet and have trashed your mind. This sounds rather harsh but is a great consideration on your path of progression. I bring these things to your attention because you want truth and this is what I have given you. First love yourself and endeavor to give yourself the best choices in life that you can make.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. These thoughts are part of the whole picture and I want the best possible life for you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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