January 29, 2021

Let us begin. It is joyful to see progress being made. We are delighted here for what is happening. We only wish you had our view and perception into the details behind the curtains and doors. We do have our ways you know. Individuals are coming to justice and as it has been said before, there is no place to hide when everything is recorded in your being. The fruit is ripening and will be ready to pick shortly.

Let us discuss becoming. This is a word you hear from time to time and it is sort of perpetual but does describe the process quite adequately. We are all becoming and this means on our way back to perfection. There are exceptions in that there are some who have made it back to perfection already but we will let them be for the moment and concentrate on us, including me.

I have been around for some time now and continue to study and strive to learn and perfect and as I said I have some things I need to work on concerning my character. We are all a work in progress. Ascension to a higher level is part of the path and is like an elevator to the next floor. A longer ride to get there but a lift up none the less. There is no pressure concerning time and you have however long it takes. A good question is, “is there more than one ascension” and the answer is yes. Not only is it mental advancement but is a sort of scientific state of being in that you cannot occupy what you are not compatible with. So, you have to inhabit the corresponding vibrational frequency you are compatible with and this is where you reside. There are visitations to other places and you must adapt in form to visit other places, be they higher or lower and there are restrictions that apply.

In some cases you can lower your vibrational frequency to visit a lower frequency place such as earth when beings on our side come down to walk among you and this is done when needed. There are many now doing just this for their work is necessary during this process and it has been done in the past during your history. There are considerations to be made and one is the manner in which they arrive. Are they born here, do they beam down, as you say, or are they walk-ins. Another way, if you are highly developed in your abilities, is to bring your consciousness to this realm for information or to communicate and most times this is not seen. We have several ways of getting things done when permission is given. You are so used to limiting your thinking to being in the body only that it is hard for you to consider traveling in any other form. You are entity first and body second and your mind is literally free to travel (within limits). Some places are off limits.

Joining forces with others brings about many benefits and one of them is to share experiences for advancements. Even when you do not have a designated teacher on hand you can always benefit from the findings and experiences of others and this includes what does not work. Unfortunately there are not enough of these meetings going on, especially in your past before the arrival of your computer and the different websites that contain accurate information. There are many good informational websites available but you have to try and find them and then ferret out the information you feel is what you can trust and then what you need for this particular time in your learning. What resonates with you. Each step in your journey requires the correct information presented before you to process and put in the place of truth and this becomes your base for belief and you compare other information against what you already have. It is important that you receive certain facts in order for all to make sense and for other information to fit into place and take hold so the process can continue without having to go back and correct. This would be an example of a smooth learning and this does not always happen in this order.

So much is learned after having a false premise concerning something and eventually finding it does not ring true and does not work and most times it brings about different levels of discomfort all the way to sorrow. These lessons remain vivid in the memory and are hard learned.

Try to establish that inner connection with your source of truth so you can test what is given by others. Do not put yourself under false pretenses where truth is concerned for you do not need the added complication in life and on your way back to perfection. It takes practice and the feeling of how things resonate with you physically and emotionally and this also includes people when testing for truth. Is this person a detrimental influence upon me in any way. Choose wisely and you have learned long ago not to go by appearance. Your world has been full of charlatans and not only that but good people whose time it is not to be bringing them close into your experience at the time. There is a good timing for everything and this also has to be learned. So much in life works well together when the choosing of people, truth and events is God given or God driven. There is a plan for you and your learning.

As we have said the power of God to work in your lives is limitless when you are working and living in compatibility with it. This is a goal in life for living and learning. I leave you now with these thoughts for you to consider. Not only strive to continue learning but give thanks for what you have learned and how far you have come. It is a joyful thing for you have worked for it and earned it or you would not be where you are.

I am Joseph In His Service

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