January 30, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me that there are not more people waking up to what is going on. We have used every channel and opportunity to get our information out that we possibly can. Still there are those who are so focused on material things that they completely bypass all signals and apparent evidence that something is being portrayed as truth, but is not. How can we get through to those who will not see?

Then there are those who already have their minds made up in a different direction and will not even stop to consider what is before them. The facts have been hidden for so long that it is hard for some to think that anyone would go to such lengths to put forth information that would lead anyone to such harm. How can this be so and the mind will just not accept this. It is difficult we understand to consider such a long standing plan of deception. Not only that, the destruction and damage this plan brings is hard to fathom. We look for ways to get everyone to understand what has been going on and what is going on now.

This is why we await disclosure from someone in a position of authority and also someone the people will believe. It has been agreed upon many times in your past and has failed to materialize. So many have not kept their word and again many detrimental threats were made if such was done that we could not consider the possibility of loss of life. We understand that life is not valuable to them and they know it is to us. It is difficult to make headway with that type of mentality. We make our way toward removing these unreasonable people from your level and most of this is being done now. They gave us no choice in the matter with their own decisions and actions. Their future is equivalent to their deeds.

On a brighter note we come to information concerning education. Again the larger plan has been delayed many times but is in no way put aside in the planning. Implementation will happen at the proper time and we are waiting, like airplanes on the runway for takeoff. We are in line with other events before us that have to take place before our way is clear. Our liftoff will happen and certain ones of you have been chosen to be involved in this broader process of giving history and facts to the masses and this involves communication avenues on earth in coordination with our people here. We have to have corporation at this level for it to happen and this is where the people chosen come into play. They are in a position to help make this happen. As we have said it takes a team and time. We all know we have seen the time go by and now we are waiting on results. It is a delicate time. Negotiating anything on earth takes finesse and knowledge of temperament and character. We have come to understand your terms concerning public relations quite well. The timing of our education for the masses is nearing and first comes the part where you learn of the attempted take over of your government into the hands of those who wish to keep you remaining in the dark so you can be handled like children. God forbid and it will not be done.

That really wasn’t the brighter note I was attempting but we will continue as much truth in your future is not on the brighter side. Our hearts are lifted when viewing the many Light workers dedicating their time and efforts to bringing this about. There is a solid foundation now with more waking up every day and this is most encouraging. There were times, no doubt, that you wondered if this time would ever come about but you kept going and now you are reaping the rewards of your labor. We rejoice here at the advancements you have made and continue to make. You are a hardy bunch, I have to admit, in that you refuse to be outdone by such low level entities. I have seen determination so strong in the lot of you. Your fortitude continues and you want to continue to the goals that have been set and this is certainly what is needed. It may surprise you to know that many of you have done this type of work before on other locations and other times when needed. Some of you will choose to continue this type of work in your future. You certainly have more experience now with being here on earth and no one can remove this from you. It will remain in your resume forever that you worked within this system to bring about the biggest liberation into freedom that has been perpetrated on so many. Your restrictions were many and so were your hurdles and setbacks but you overcame.

The status report now is very good, even though it may not appear to be so. Do not be discouraged in any event and continue your work with whatever details concerning Light are asked of you. You are very good at knowing what is required and receiving correct instructions for what needs to be done. Your work is not yet complete. We all continue at present for what is needed and have every reason to be positive about the outcome of your efforts.

I hope that the culmination of this decades long control of the dark is soon over and it appears that is so. Their last efforts to disrupt and damage all they can before their last gasp is raging at present and they are out of control all over earth. Take care, everyone in your asking for protection and remain cautious in your daily actions. They are desperate in their attempts to do damage. Remain in the Light at all times possible.

I leave you now, hopefully encouraged and looking forward to the events as they unfold, even though they will be most surprising. Help others through this as best you can and much of this will be by example. Do not forget that this is God’s will and it is under His control.

I am Joseph In His Service

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