February 3, 2021

Let us begin. We see an element of aggressiveness that has not been there before. It is one that is determined to succeed and overcome no matter what it takes and this is for freedom and return to the Republic of the people of the United States. It is becoming very defined and solid and has been growing now for several weeks. It is a determined state of mind that will prevail in becoming surrounded by a mindset of peaceful and lawful fulfillment. It is backed by God’s will. This has taken some time to foment and the work of many people in both physical activity and mental activity. The concept has been there for a long time but the time of birth is now. We applaud this emergence for it is also the will of the people to be free from dominance and coercion.

The concept of freedom is easy to explain and understand. The concept of bringing this plan into fulfillment has been one of the most difficult ideas to take from conceptualizing into explanation and then into reality. It has been a political maze taking legal minds willing to devote long hours on this project. It is being done.

As this new era of governance comes together and into being the reverse is being seen concerning the darker side of governance and domination. It is crumbling and ceasing to be with each nail in the coffin of deceit, graft and corruption. The hammer of justice strikes true and heavy and is swift in delivery. The rats don’t seem to be jumping ship but are being taken out where they stand and removed. My dear people, you are being delivered into freedom!

After this completion of your new representation, which will take a few more weeks to implement, you will have new leaders. They will represent the whole of the will of the people and not just a few.

This change for the better is happening all over your world and different players are coming into the forefront of leadership. They will be surprising to say the least. This is not just a small change but is a world change in governing and relationships concerning one country with another. There will be a time of settling and adjustment and each country will continue to maintain their culture and ways as long as they are within the laws and commandments of Creator. This is not the time to go against God.

This has been a status report and one for you to enjoy. Read again and give thanks. I leave you now with thoughts of hope for your future.

I am Joseph In His Service

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