February 4, 2021

Let us begin. It is unsettling for you to be in this transition period. There are many questions you have yet to be answered and they will eventually all be answered. At present most answers allude you. You have had to be patient many times in this life time and you have been pushed to extremes in several areas yet you press on with your work and your attitude of service. We have seen from the choices of those who were allowed to come here that the strong were chosen. Some of you experienced with this very type of mission and others who are here for the first time experiencing the bringing of Light to a planet in need. This mission has been exceptional in its scope and length of application of Light but you prevail. It is not as if the train will stop and let you off.

Freedom of choice has always been yours but as with all things of this nature there is a finishing point and a state of completion and you are approaching that point where all things come up against the finish line. Unfortunately so many have not only not made good choices but have fallen under the spell of the dark and made very counterproductive choices and will have to deal with those and their consequences. This has made the challenges of service of more importance than ever and prolonged your need to anchor Light for so many reasons. It is evidenced that not being able to see the complete picture does make your job more complicated but you have not given up and continue. The encouragement we give has helped you but there is an innate strength within you that powers you toward completion and we can only guess that this was seen by those who made the decisions of who should be allowed to come here. In this case many were chosen but not all came to realize who they were and what their promise was. The ones who have come into the knowledge of their purpose have coalesced into a cohesive group that has become a force for Light that has surprised us in all ways possible. You have taken the opportunities of God’s will and power and turned yourselves into instruments of change that are becoming known far and wide. There was once a statement made by Christ Michael Aton where he said, “bring my children home” and you are doing that.

As many have said before what you are doing here on earth has far reaching affects and this is true. Do continue your work. We bring you now into focus because you are close to that finish line and there is not much time left. There have been sections of time where things went slowly and other times when things happened rather quickly. We are in a time now where events have speeded up and I know this is difficult for some of you to imagine, but it is true. You have chosen time lines that have produced action toward completion and this has helped considerably. You have taken the past experiences with what was needed and your implementation of Light work and learned how to join with others and instructions of higher Masters in charge and produced remarkable results. Continue this application of what you have learned.

There are many guessing what will happen next. Some are educated guesses with reasoning and others are no where near truth. Gaia has always given so much for her children and has held back many times earth changes that would stop the opportunities for many to give into the Light. She wants her children to make the decisions that bring about advancement and this takes time. The time has run out and the choices have been made. Some decisions of timing are not known to us in exactness and we cannot give you the details you want not only in the timing but in the order of events. There is so much on the table right now that has to be done and completed that we also anticipate what will happen next.

When you do your Light work keep your options open as to what is needed for that information will be given to you according to prevailing needs. Events are happening so rapidly that different codes and frequencies needed are also rapidly changing to meet these needs. Remain open to instructions from higher up as there is no operations manual you can refer to, only the communications of your mind and heart at the moment. Keep your connection and channel clear by surrounding yourself with positive conditions and environment. Your work continues.

I leave you now in service as you have been for some time. You have dedicated yourselves and been tested and proven strong. I wish you could see your Light from our vantage point. It is most uplifting. Please continue what you are doing for so many are counting on you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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