February 5, 2021

Let us begin.  Big changes are on your horizon and may come from several different directions.  It seems they have all coalesced at about the same time and it is unclear what will happen first.  All will be surprising for the majority of people.

The challenge for most people is to meet the startling happenings with strength and to know where that strength comes from. If your strength is in money or position you will have a difficult time in hanging on. Those who have their strength in God within them will be carried through this time of massive changes with steady grounding in a solid foundation. There will be so many that just do not understand what is going on and what has happened, even though it will be told to them. They will not believe. If possible help them but do not get overly involved in their lack of understanding. This is a path that each one has to travel to work it out for themselves when given the truth. It has to be their decision as to what conclusions to come to.

You may have noticed that food is beginning to disappear from your grocery store shelves. Deliveries are not being made to restock shelves in a timely manner. It may become worse because of businesses having a difficult time in staying open because of the virus and sickness. This affects many areas of the delivery process to your stores. Prepare accordingly for items than will last in your pantry at home. We see all people in the business industry trying to remain open and continuing the flow of goods as best they can. We hope this shortage is corrected soon. This shortage is world wide and started with problems concerning fires in wheat fields, floods and insects many months ago and had not recovered when the virus restrictions came into being. All this is taking its toll. Children and babies are a big concern for us because of their nutritional needs while growing.

We suggest that you prepare both physically with your food and mentally with your ability to accept changes that will confront you in the coming days and weeks. We remain here ready to help in all ways we can. We also must be ready to adapt to the changes that will occur to help you in the best ways possible. Your world will change significantly in the following months once they begin.

I leave you now and hope that you are preparing for a continued transition period. Those around you may not be grounded in faith as you are. There is that place of security and knowing and that is the God within. It is everlasting.

I am Joseph In His Service

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