February 6, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that we see everything that is happening toward removing the dark players from any source of authority. So many are being replaced by look-alikes or clones and this is to keep people from panic or upset for the present. Time needed to be bought. This was done all over the world. Many have been processed to the end result, whatever that sentence was and this is still going on.

You should begin to feel the difference in the atmosphere around the earth in that the heaviness is being removed and is being replaced with an atmosphere of brighter light and a sense of more freedom. This was the result wanted when removing the dark from your presence on earth and from controlling or decision making positions. There is so much that you will have to do yourselves as we have been advised that this is your responsibility. There are a lot of things that we have done to help you and we are still doing these but some things regarding the work toward cleaning up much of the earth and the legal work toward your country’s freedom has to be yours. You need to see the deep hole you were in and what steps it is taking to bring things back to the status desired. This is part of revealing the truth of what has happened to you over the years.

Key players were placed in the right positions for action and they are now doing their part for your world. Most of these players had many life times of the experiences that were needed to give them the ability to answer the call of action and to carry out the needed steps toward the end result. We do help in these issues and quite a bit has been done in the area of security or protection for these people who were and are working on freedom. Delivering your entire planet from its state of bondage into its desired state of freedom has been a long process with life times of preparation on the part of many people. The implementation of this process will and is taking time also. Give your prayers, energy and visions into the God directed completion of this process for it has and will take all of you for this. It is not some one else’s job, it is everyone’s job. We cannot do everything for you. This process is opening your eyes and will continue to do so.

Our ships from many planets and places continue to hover in your skies and so many now are seen during both day and night. This will continue and our desire is that more will be in your news concerning sightings. There is still a large concern that tries to keep this from the news in the United States but other countries are better at letting this become news. All are working to change this concealment. We become more active in your skies as time goes by and most all activity is placed where there will be more than just one observer. The number of people watching does make a difference. The percentages of people believing in unidentified flying objects is increasing but so many think they are from your governments. Very few are. We are hoping that the number of people transition from thinking they are from your governments to thinking they are from other planets and thus there is life on other planets.

The collective consciousness is responding to the things that are happening such as sightings and TV documentaries but as far as it is mainstream news, well that is another story in the US. Other countries have made statements by different government leaders of belief in extraterrestrials and this has helped but there is still a ways to go on this topic. We have tried with limited results and what would go a long way is a landing with occupants coming out and speaking. As yet we have not been given permission to do this with few exceptions. In your past many contacts have been made and books have been written about these events and the visitors have made progress with education and information but this has been on a very limited scale. This was before the days of instant communication with uploading video and audio on your web sites. It would be a different story if these incidents happened now. The people have to be readied in steps or the result would not be positive for the mindset of many would not hold up to such information. We continue hoping for a better response by all to our existence and the fact that we mean no harm and are here to help. We continue to monitor your belief concerning this topic and it is improving.

Our work continues and so does yours. You are in the middle of this transition and there is yet much to be done. We await the public news that will give you a better idea of what is going on and there is news coming out in small amounts because all of it cannot be concealed. It will come and then you will know what has been going on behind the scenes all this time. It is difficult for you to wait on this part for you need evidence of your progress and we understand that this is needed for you. Many of the time frames you have been given do result in steps being accomplished but they are not external steps in your view. This is unfortunate as this would go a long way to helping you understand.

It is difficult for you to be told once more to be patient and keep waiting but this is what is needed along with your continued Light work. Things are being done and much is being accomplished and there is word of this coming out but you have to search for it because it certainly is not in your news. Don’t give up. We see it here.

I leave you now and tell you that there is much being done toward your complete freedom for the entire planet. The news is better than it has been in many years. If there was some way I could make you have hope I would do it because the reasons for hope are there.

I am Joseph In His Service

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