February 7, 2021

Let us begin. I come today to tell you that no matter what you see all is well and going by God’s Divine plan. Yes, there have been delays and all perpetrated by the dark’s attempt to foul everything up they can. We stand firm and steadfast in our commitment to persevere with our goals and even though delays may come we will arrive at our destination of complete freedom from dark influence. They are a devious bunch and when you do not value life there are no limits to what is contemplated. Fortunately we have ways they cannot imagine and know what they are up to. They have been thwarted at every turn but invariably this has caused some delays in our events planned but they will happen. Bear with us on this issue. We know it is discouraging to have things not happen but the goals have not been changed and they will happen.

The dark’s vow to destroy and ruin everything because they cannot rule is being carried out in many forms and ways at present and they are making a showing, even with so few left. Their influence is still being felt in the attempts they try to carry out. This is one reason we are so busy at present is keeping an eye on them and their practiced detrimental ways. We counteract them and they meet with dead ends and only small delays in our plans. This is unfortunate for you in your expectations but do not hesitate to believe that the plans are alive and well and being carried out to the fullest. You have lived with the dark for many years now and they are giving it their all down to the last second of their existence. As we have stated before they are so devoid of light that they are unaware of the power and majesty of Creator’s will and do not understand the total and complete decree they are under. They don’t care and they watch all of their actions crumble and fall before them. Their removal continues down to the last one.

The energies coming in are stronger with each wave and you should be able to feel them when they arrive on earth. The total package contained with them is designed to change several aspects of your awareness and your being. There are elements that, if your hearts are open, will give you a bigger capacity for love and compassion in all ways of your thinking and you should feel this also. Other elements help your body’s ability to receive and deal with the changes it has to make during this evolvement. Other elements affect the earth itself in the lifting of energies and raising of vibrations so you see there are many things involved in each wave and they build on each other as they bring you to a higher state of being. You are not where you were when the first wave came. You have made the most of the opportunities and made them work for you in your advancement. So many have closed hearts and do not respond well to the waves taking only a small portion of what is given. This is their choice.

You are progressing in this changing time and improvements are happening, even though it may be hard for you to tell with all the false assertions being given. Let your inner sight guide you through this transition period and cling to the light that you have within you and things will become clear as time goes by. Things are not what they seem from the outside. The way is being made clear for all to live out from under the blanket pressures and restrictions that held you down and kept you from living the life that God intended. It is in progress and will be explained in full. The freedom you were given originally will not be denied no matter how long the dark were in power for their time is over. Trump is by no means out of the picture of influence and he most certainly is giving of his energies and thoughts to your country and to your representation.

Some things had to be rearranged to get to where it was needed but the path is clear now and all is on schedule. The ability to continue in spite of the attempts of the dark is what we are good at now with all this experience in the field. They underestimate us and this has been one of their shortcomings throughout the whole time. We prevail and do not give up. Our motivation and power, given by Creator is bigger and better than their small minded attempts to rule with their evil and unenlightened comprehensions. You have seen little so far but it is coming. You will know what is evident that God’s hand is in this change over to freedom.

I leave you now with amazing things in front of you to experience. You are fortunate in your knowing and this will help you through what changes are ahead.

I am Joseph In His Service

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