February 8, 2021

Let us begin. I see many people turning toward God in these difficult times. The illness confronting them is serious and they are seeking a higher authority for their loved ones and for themselves. Covid is taking a lot of people but not as many as the numbers would have you believe because of the way they have counted and kept the numbers. Many people leaving did not die from Covid but from another cause. To loose anyone is more than difficult but to have their passing used for a purpose to keep the people deceived is against God concerning deceiving others for control and fear. This is what is happening.

The continuation of the fear came with talk of mutations of the virus and another wave. Now this has been extended with the vaccine to be given to everyone and it continues. The truth is that Covid is dangerous to those who are elderly and have their immune systems compromised or are suffering from other afflictions. Treated properly basically healthy people should overcome it. It has been used as a tool and was spread on purpose. I would not want to be in the shoes of the people responsible for this. This has been planned for some time for several reasons. Those people who did this will reap the reward for their actions.

Many plans like this one have been thought up and used around the world to keep people in bondage and a big one is money or the stripping away of money from everyone. Anything to keep the people poor, tired and hungry so that they will have to work long hours just to keep up. In some countries the plan is to get rid of a large number of people because they do not produce money for the pockets of a few at the top. This has been going on for years now and the laws concerning health insurance are worded so that it is difficult to seek other means outside that which will be paid by insurance. The treatment of sick individuals will be improved with our help and we are dedicated to having you learn better methods of staying healthy. Your times will soon change for the better.

These changes are with your agreement of course as you retain your free will. There are medical people here who are willing to talk with you concerning things you need to know and this has to be done for the betterment of all mankind. The body is created to heal itself if given a chance and the information will be given, if agreed upon, to your doctors and medical people. This can be done without fear of any kind. There are plans that have already been made to do this where an individual, who has been trained to receive information, will give needed information and also answer questions from medical personnel on the ground. It will be a direct connection with the teacher remaining at his location and giving information to the channel on the ground. This has already been tested and done.

There are so many opportunities for improvement that are awaiting for the right details and knowledge to come which will change all life on earth. As we say it is up to you to want to receive this information. We do not force anything on you. All fields of life can be improved and your promises of a better earth will be kept. Free energy, so many restrictions concerning money will be removed and better health to name a few. These will take some time as you will be the ones doing the changes or spreading of improvements from household to household. There is so much to look forward to and we see that good health is on everyone’s mind right now in a major way. Improvement will come and we can show you how.

I leave you now with high hopes that are real in substance and implementation. We will follow through with our promise to you of giving information. Yes, this is real and not a fantasy of a better life. Believe in your promises for a better earth that was intended in the beginning. It will happen.

I am Joseph In His Service

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