February 9, 2021

Let us begin. It is progressing in the efforts to remove those who have a history of dark intentions and actions against the people of earth. There are many and it takes a lot of people on the ground to get this done. It is a huge plan that is being carried out at present. It is one thing to put these things legally on paper but an entirely different matter to carry it out. First they have to be found and so many are hiding for they know what is going on. Then there is a procedure to confirm identification and document this for the records. Everything has to be documented and recorded. There are no loop holes allowed. It just takes some time and many are waiting in a confined area for the next step. It is proceeding and all are confronted with proof of their actions. In this there is no doubt.

You would be amazed at the many steps it has taken to get this far for we are not lawless in our actions nor do we revert to the old wild West manner of dealing with law breakers. Those on earth likewise abide by the laws governing arrest and incarceration waiting for trial and they do have representation. It is law abiding in the procedure. One thing that is happening is that one thing leads to another and the more information that is brought out, the more people become implicated for once arrested some are giving of information thinking this will get them out of their predicament. The movies and TV shows you watch where lawyers get clients off with an abundance of showmanship is not happening here. Even if things were to slide by on earth, there is none of that with the inevitable facing of God’s laws regarding your actions.

I will not go into details of sentencing of who is getting what determination or result. Some things are better left unsaid and unknown but I tell you that everything you do is recorded on your personal record with God and is in no way like what happens on earth. Nothing is hidden on our side of reality. Be advised that there is no deed committed in privacy and the Father is all knowing. When you are living in the Light and Love of all that is there is no concern of this matter for your connection with the God within leads and directs your actions and life in such a way that you strive to be the best that is possible for you. So many on earth think they can get away with criminal actions and will not be caught. They are short sighted and have not become aware of why they are here and what their purpose is in life. They have not yet learned of their Creator and the importance of the life they have been given. This is part of the path is to learn the answers to these questions of life.

There is a favorable timing of all things and every opportunity was given to everyone, especially the dark, to come to the Light and turn toward God and seek His mercy. There is no wrong time for this but there does come a limit or a stopping point which has to be recognized in all creation involved where actions reap the reaction of transgressing against the laws. People on earth can get by with things their whole lives but the facing of life’s actions does happen after death and there is a reckoning involved. The giving of more time has come to an end and the decisions have been made by certain individuals and now they will see what those decisions have brought them. As we have stated before it is a happy time for you that they are being removed from free society but also sad to think what they have done and what they are facing now. If you can find it possible do pray for them for this is the love that they chose not to accept in their own lives and chose not to give to others.

The message I bring to you is that of cause and affect and you are witness to this on a grand scale. Time will come where you will see the reverse of this in that the good that people do brings so many rewards of a joyful kind. It is evident in all lives but the good becoming reality will also be on a grand scale and this is when times will fulfill in the promises made regarding your earth and the light and love upon it for all to enjoy. As with all things the energy comes around and will manifest into reality be it good or bad. The energy of truth and goodness brings truth and goodness to you and your time of dense and heavy negativity will be over. It is happening now.

I leave you with these thoughts of actions and reactions and rewards. Take heed and act accordingly. The love offered to everyone is so powerful it can transform lives, groups, countries and planets. Live your best life with that love and see what can manifest from it.

I am Joseph In His Service

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