February 10, 2021

Let us begin. It troubles me that all are not ready to receive the love that is coming through to you. So many deny the Light available and this is a tragedy. So long have you suffered under the wrong leadership and lost so many in wars and strife and if anyone ever needed the love given it is planet earth. There is so much that comes with these waves you have access to and those that take them in and process them to the best of their ability reap such rewards from the effort. We see the collective consciousness grow tremendously from it plus the individual effort of meditation and self education that it is difficult to understand why anyone would not accept what is given freely. You understand there is also education given on an individual basis at night while you sleep. This is more of a custom designed teaching just for that individual and from a master teacher usually. There is so much done for you that you never know about.

These individual teachings given at night are usually not brought back into memory when you wake up in the mornings but do come into consciousness when the information has been processed in the knowing for you have to be ready to put it to use in the correct way in your life. Likewise many things, such as downloads are stored until the time is ready for them to be freed into your days for proper use. Sometimes these downloads are given in groups and all are not ready for them immediately but at different stages of growth, so it stands to reason that they would come about in your knowing at different times. These are very important and many correspond to information of who you were and do not give of new information but release what is already known and is just a reminder of what you have already experienced. So you see we have several ways to introduce you to different information and at different times and all for productive reasons in your growing and travel down your path of life. Much thought and planning goes into what we do for you for you have prayed and asked it of God.

The initiative you put forth on a personal level also affects what you receive and when. There are those who just don’t want to put out the effort to learn and that can be for various reasons. They are consumed with family and children, they don’t believe in it and there are those that definitely do not want someone traipsing through their mind with who knows what information for it is none of their business. Then there are those who hunger to know all they can and ask repeatedly to learn all they can about their origins and why they are here. Some just want to know all they can about everything and this can be difficult for they set about to learn but it comes in bits and pieces and they do not go together very well and this can be discouraging.

We understand your desire for truth and there is so much to tell you and I’m sure you wonder why we do not let you jump into the lake of knowing with our information. As we have said there is a logic in the way we give of information to you on a large or group basis. This also goes for the individual teaching at night. It MUST come in an order that builds on each piece given to make sense and also to be received and processed in your minds or it will not be in your best interest. It can do more harm in the long run to be taught in a haphazard way by us and some of you are doing that to yourselves while having the best of intentions. It can end up being confusing for you. There is more to teaching than just giving out of information. The teacher must have knowledge of the material, yes, but also the student for there is learning at different speeds by the student. Let me explain.

Each person is unique in their learning process in that they take information and process it at different rates and that is because the information given can have different levels of meaning in the same words. Each level of understanding is taken in at different times according to the path you are traveling and how far down the road you are. Some only take in the surface level of understanding, while others get all the levels of meaning from the lesson given. It is like going back and reading the same materiel over and getting a new meaning out of it. So you see a teacher has to know if enough time has been given for the student to take in what information they can before he goes on to the next piece of information and this is what we do and why we do not jump in and start throwing out facts about everything to you. It has to be done in a certain way that one thing builds upon another and why teachers who understand the process and also their students are well taught themselves. It is a calling to be a teacher and there is a certain bond between student and teacher and this is to be cherished and by all means give thanks for your teachers.

My teaching to you is on a broad scale and generalized because it is to a diverse audience and readership. It would be unkind of me to delve into deep subjects for such a diverse audience of learning and have it not be understood as it needs to be for many who read would turn away without understanding. Make no mistake in that I love to give of these words to you and look forward to better attunments in timing and circumstances when each individual can receive what is needed and wanted and the words and meanings will have hit their marks. That time is coming and the teachers coming are most knowledgeable in that they have done this very thing before on other planets. It is a grand time in your learning and I do suggest that you read and learn of the laws and commandments that have been set down long ago. There is information given by teachers available now for you to read that will give information that will greatly benefit your understanding. Seek it out for it is presented correctly.

I leave you now having given reasons for your understanding of why more is not given. You are loved more than you know or can imagine and this means that your teaching is done with much forethought into what you need at this very time. I am most pleased to have this opportunity to speak to you and yes there are different levels of meaning in my words also. I try to choose my words wisely for I love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service

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