February 11, 2021

Let us begin. They say it is good to learn new things from experience but most of the time you learn a lot from what doesn’t work or from your mistakes. Those who do not attempt new things usually do not learn new things. In your new earth there will be many new things to try and some of them will not work and you must gather your information and continue again with what opportunities come to you. Much has to be corrected and cleaned up from the wrongs that have been committed from the past. Do not be afraid to attempt and do not be afraid of failure for this is a grand teacher of all things. Those in the new earth will be explorers of a sort and this takes courage and determination and those who are not afraid to fail. Many will be needed and we will be there with you to suggest and guide you along your way. Some have not waited for the old to be turned over and have started working on cleaning up your earth now, especially the oceans. There are many areas that need new thoughts and ideas and mostly many hands to work. There is no time limit for success here and the more in tune to what needs to be done the better.

You have been focused on your political arenas around your earth but much can be done without waiting. The air quality is a big one and has to be changed and cleaned up. Feeding the hungry is another one for there are many still dying from hunger and this could have been corrected long ago except for the greed that kept money in the wrong hands. Control of the farmers that forbid them on economic reasons to try new ideas and laws that make them destroy crops in the fields and also in storage after harvest. All this while many are hungry in their own country. You have known things were not working but seemed powerless to find a way to fix them or to move ahead with improvements. This will come to an end with better leadership.

You are in the process of stripping out the old that does not work and this includes the people. Many who appear to be of kind and loving ways of leadership are dark hearted with devious ways and many are afraid to go against those in control with an evil past that would harm any who go against them. These people are being removed so that others can come in and fill their positions. Speaking of positions there is too much control, too many committees and too many departments that take up too much money for redundant and overlapping concerns. These will be eliminated, or should be. There will be enlightened decisions of what is needed and unnecessary employees will be shifted into work that is productive in the areas needed. You have seen these things for yourselves and wondered why they were underhandedly placed into laws that were being passed at the time. This will become a thing of the past and in the future all will know what is being done and why.

The beginning of the healing starts in the heart of each individual with love and we always come back to that one word, love. It is the beginning of everything in the right journey toward whatever is attempted and planned toward the new earth you seek. Love is the groundwork and basis for a foundation that is solid. Everyone will not automatically switch over to love in all their thoughts and actions for this will take effort but conditions will come that encourage and make it easier to do so. Those who do not, or cannot encompass the love energy in their being will not be able to live and thrive in the new elements of your ascended earth. This is not a place to travel to but a state of being that you ascend to in your thinking. There is no ticket you buy for this trip but work is needed to understand the implications of changing your thoughts from certain emotions of fear, hatred, envy, greed and so on to thoughts of loving yourself first and moving on from there.

Your elements of earth are working as they should regarding vibrational frequencies and things that can exist in those frequencies. This includes man and also plants, animals, and all living things. Viruses can only exist in compatible conditions for them and this means certain viruses cannot live in the higher frequencies and vibrations. As you move up the ladder of Light knowledge you also move away from lower undesirable things that plague you in the 3rd dimension. You see there is a definite advantage of changing your ways of thinking that have you existing in your new earth without the things that cannot exist there. There are many undesirable things that cannot make this trip with you. Part of the joy of living after ascension is finding out what is missing. When you have been told of a better life with beautiful adjectives describing what it will be like there is a part that can only be understood by the experiencing of it. Words do not always give you what you need to understand or describe a thing. You do not now fully understand the benefits of changing your mind and thoughts to the Light and Love that Christ talked about when He walked your earth so long ago.

It is unfortunate that the teachings of Christ were so rejected and not understood by so many. He did come to give you a better life and for you to live it more abundantly. This does not mean there will be no problems or challenges but it does mean that the power of love that He possessed can be yours and is never held back from you. The angels in heaven do rejoice when a soul comes into acceptance of this love that is available to all and likewise there is sadness and tears when someone rejects this love and suffers needlessly throughout their life. You are never alone in your journey and there is always someone aware of you and your choices.

I leave you now with these thoughts to ponder. We are all connected and the hosts of heaven know of your being here at this time and know what you are going through. We are part of that group that have been sent to help you in all ways we can. Work on changing your thoughts to the basis of love and be inspired by knowing you are never alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

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