February 12, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I tell you progress is being made and soon it will be laid out before the world and I am speaking of evidence of the fraudulent election. I know there are those of the dark that read here but it doesn’t matter for it will happen anyway. It is truth and is bigger than any one individual or any movement of one country. Even bigger than that. The citizens of any country have the right to a choice in their leadership and their vote should be legal. This election in the United States for President was not conducted properly and it was no accident. This will start the ball rolling toward reform out in the open where everyone can see it. Telling it here threatens no one at this point but the guilty. If there is trouble it will be from the citizens themselves who will not accept the truth and this part of the truth coming out has to be done to correct the wrong. There is no way around it.

Unfortunately there will be those, as in the break in and storming of the capital in the United States, that were compensated in some way to play a part but Trump was not the instigator of that movement and paid no one. Then there will be those who are well meaning but refuse to acknowledge what is truth and want to oppose what comes out. There may be problems when this happens and there may be a period of adjustment coming and its extent is unknown because peoples’ degree of actions are unknown. This is a possible danger to those who choose to join groups of possible protest. Please avoid angry crowds and if you must object in protest do so with harm to no one. You have the right to object but not to destroy property or to harm anyone. Again this truth must come out and I am not an agitator or an instigator of wrong doing for I prefer that all remain peaceful.

We see legal processes taking some time and there will be a period of adjustment with this but it has already been going on for some time now behind the scenes and it had to be ready by following the correct procedure in legality. It has taken a while now to prepare and it has been done. Those who want not to be involved now have no choice.

This will in some ways take you back to the beginning of the new country of North America and the independence they worked for. That day had to come for them in which they stated their wishes and declared their views lawfully and they were willing to do the work that brought them to that point. That feeling of telling others what they wanted and the legal process they worked for when they established their rights will come again to many for they lived during that time and had a part in what went on. Some may even begin to remember and as you might think it will be an emotional time for them. Others who were not there will also be moved. Emotions will run high and caution must be used. Let peaceful actions prevail in this for this is what is needed. In this case the wheels of time cannot be stopped for the energy is in motion for this to happen.

There is a different subject of wrong doing concerning human trafficking and imprisonment and the wheels have been set into motion for righting this wrong also. These two subjects of human trafficking and the illegal ballots for President are energetically joined together because there is a common thread in the reasons for them. Both originated from the wants of the dark and branched out in different ways to keep the dark in power no matter what laws were broken. There are many other branches of this poisonous tree they created but the focus for now is on these two branches and the spot light will be on them. It is also difficult to predict how everyone will react to the truth that will be brought out concerning why the dark was responsible and how long this has been going on. It has to be done so that steps can be taken for healing to begin.

These are big topics and both involve a lot of emotion in the explaining of them and in the beginning of righting these wrongs. Your world will ring with truth and this bell, once heard, cannot be un-rung. I leave you now with heavy issues, the reasons behind them and the righting of these wrongs. May God help you in this process.

I am Joseph In His Service

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