February 13, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that so many are not ready to receive the information that will have to be brought out. I know everyone wants to be told the truth but it is always harsh when the truth is this difficult and also difficult to understand why things were not stopped long ago. Most people are judging others with their own set of beliefs and hardly anyone would ever imagine that humans would choose to conduct themselves in a manner they have. It is one thing to cheat, swindle and lie for money or power but to treat children in such a manner and keep them in prison camps is entirely a different subject.

My dear ones, you have not been dealing with reasonable humans that have your same sense of values and this makes them very dangerous when you consider they feel life is disposable. You will most likely outright reject the truth that certain activities have been going on for hundreds of years and longer. The big question is why wasn’t it stopped. The answer is that once addicted to adrenochrome the end result of stopping is aging quickly and then death. No one wants to die but certainly not before their time. My question is why did people ever start to consume the blood of others in the first place. Surely the offer of staying younger and in much better health was not worth the death of others, either children or adults. What would make that offer so hard to refuse? Was there not some spark of love that forbid them, even the thought of taking another person’s life, much less the continued action of taking another life on a regular basis?

Those reading here are probably familiar with this concept from reading other places or hearing the talk of others researching this activity but let me tell you that we see with a clear view from here and as experienced as we are with behavior of the people of earth we are saddened to a degree that I cannot explain. Experiencing this ourselves is why we know you will have problems with what you have been praying for in being told the truth. We are concerned for you in hearing this in mass numbers, especially when it starts to sink in after the denial. The mind has a way of trying to protect itself and the first step is to reject. There will be evidence and I am sure that when those who have been arrested try to defend themselves that pictures will be brought out. This second step of the mind, when accepted as truth is where we advise you to move slowly through this information and know that it is possible to process this and start to heal. Don’t underestimate God to move and work in His ways to bring his children lovingly into a better place. With God all things are possible and this is one of the reasons we were sent here is to help also.

This was foreseen and one reason everything is interwoven with other concepts of the dark in their master plan to use all people of the earth for their purposes. Good people of God will find it hard to imagine that anyone could do these things. This is also one reason it has taken so long to work out a long range plan to overcome all these areas of Godlessness that were established and had a strong hold. If God had not intervened the dark would have completed their plans to eliminate those not producing, put all others in bondage and kept their baby farms for the continued supply of adrenochrome for their own use. They would have been victorious and you would be a long time in trying to figure out what happened and why. I’m sure you might think no, this would not happen but we can hear their conversations and their plans and this is what their goals were. My question is who would have stopped them when no one has stopped them up until now? Make no mistake about it, God’s hand and power is moving upon the earth through many people to end this and when I say a long range plan I mean many life times for hundreds of key people to take their place in this life.

This brings another question of this planning to stop this so long ago, then why wasn’t this stopped before now? Again we come to the concept of right timing and a completion of actions on the part of people of the Light to awaken and become part of the intervention that was needed to overcome all of it. There is more involved but this is one simple answer. Let me just say that it was planned for more Light Workers to awaken than actually did and also to awaken earlier than they did. The prayers of all those who knew help was needed certainly was heard and answered no matter how much they did not know. The group consciousness of those who wanted a better earth grew in numbers and intensity. Once established it became a strong energy. This is why it must continue at this time to finish this entire time period on earth of negative energy being in control because it is crumbling now and every last energetic spec of negativity of the dark needs to be annihilated from Mother earth and you can feel my emotions in that statement and those of all of us here.

Your higher vibrations that you have accepted to take in to your being and also the work you have put out for yourselves and for all others is a progressive venture and you have found ways to rise above even the expectations of everyone. Continue to eradicate the hold that the dark once had with your Light work and visualizations and prayers and whatever else you can find that works to remove every one of them from freedom and into the courts where the laws will be observed. Our strong hopes are somewhat lived through you as we see your dedication and continued desire of freedom. We have been wanting you to succeed for a long time and this is no time to breath easy or give up or think it is over. It is in process.

I leave you now with my high emotions of removing the dark influence from everyone on earth. Think on these things I have said and bring yourself into a place of great stability for the truth that will come out shortly to everyone. Do your best to help others with this news. We stand by to help in all ways we can when this happens. We love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service

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