February 15, 2021

Let us begin. It comes to my attention that some people are actively working for a better and more comprehensive government that would serve all the people. They are struggling to break the bonds that keep everyone held back and in line with the bigger picture of the dark. As the dark are being removed it opens up the opportunities to form a more perfect Union that was originally intended. The field is becoming agreeable now for much better things to come forward. All that is needed is for certain ones to get out of the way so this can happen. There are good and well meaning people already in your government that want to design and carry out a fair and honest government but have not been allowed to do so. We will encourage these people to step forward and give of their ideas when the time comes.

In so doing your country will have a sort of overhaul and it must be supported. This is going to take some time and effort and the litany of negative statements always criticizing everything that happens needs to turn into positive statements of courage and understanding toward those who give of their time and designs to form this new government that represents the people of your country. This applies to the world and every country. People must be free to govern themselves in a manner that represents the majority with rules and laws that represent what the people want. This is their right. Listen to new ideas and educate yourself to what your country needs and see what can be done to correct the governing of the people in a more equitable way.

Change has always been difficult for some people no matter how good the change because it is easier to remain where you are but I think this is one instance where most all people will see the wisdom in a change for the better when it comes to removing the laws and rules that keep everyone beat down and in bondage. Support those whose job it is to try and get this done and keep up with what they are doing and why. You have a voice and a vote and change needs to come so that it does in fact represent the will of the people and not just a few at the top. Most countries have a long way to go in this respect. We cannot do this for you and you must get involved and see that this is done for yourselves. We can suggest and help motivate but the work to bring about a true government of the people is up to you. You are coming to this time in your history where this will be done.

Most people aware of the real shift around your world had a deadline of sorts that they focused upon. For some it was the appearance of UFOs in your skies. For others it was the removal of the dark and for others it was the earth changes that Gaia needed to make for her healing. These are not bad goals but you now need to move your focus longer out into your future and finish this transition and not stop with your thoughts at any one point I have mentioned. This is an ongoing transition that involves many changes and encompasses so many people helping to get things done. There is room for all to get on board and help with the work but do not limit yourselves by having a stopping point in your mind of an end. This continues in God’s hands and He has no intention of having you stop at any point in this growing and becoming of what was intended. The word, “becoming” gives you an idea of continuance with no stopping point. Certain things have to be removed and taken out of play before you can continue to grow and learn and be free to do so. Do not visualize a stopping place in all of this for God is eternal in all things and because of that so are you. This is a story with many chapters and the book will never have an ending, only the beginning of a new chapter. So let your thoughts and your energy remain high in the creating of your futures and see where the allowing of God’s will and power can take you on your journey to creating a new earth.

I leave you now with these thoughts and suggestions and a strong vision of peace, harmony and love of self and for one another. It has been a long time in coming but it is here. Rejoice, it is happening.

I am Joseph In His Service

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