February 16, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I can see what is going on in your world. The darkness influence is lifting and dissolving away and is being replaced by Light of the Creator. Nothing could be a better sight in this process than that. It is most rewarding. We are waiting for the process to become public for all to see so that you can have the confirmation you have been needing. It has been like swimming up stream for some that are working on the legal side of this as most of the dark energy has been focused on keeping this from happening. In the past there were more to fight the progress being made but now the dark are dwindling and the opposition is not so impressive.

It seems that the weather is intense in some areas and it keeps people at home by their heat source in the far northern hemisphere. This has slowed things down a bit but it will come out into the open soon, nevertheless. Nothing can stop this advancement of righting wrongs at this point. It seems more and more people are working on this as time goes by when they find out what is being done. Good news does get out and does spread around and some what to add their efforts to that direction. All are sick and tired of what has been going on and even those who do not know the whole story have not been happy with the way things were going. The wool has been pulled over many eyes and removing it will take a lot of doing now. This can be accomplished for those who want to know the truth but there will still be those who feel any thing being done to discount the inauguration in the United States is an effort on the part of the Trump supporters to unseat Biden and they will not accept any amount of truth that comes out until it is so overwhelming that it has to be recognized.

We ask that you still refrain from any violent actions of destruction to property and also refrain from harm to any individual for this is a transition of returning things to the peace that was in the original plans for earth. It is not something new in that it is a fulfillment of conditions designed by Creator a long time ago. This can be done in a more peaceful way if all get on board with the idea of correct conduct and setting a proper example in this process. I am not asking everyone to remain quiet and not speak. I am asking that everyone do so in a civil manner. You have the right to speak up. This is what has been wrong recently with the restrictions placed upon you regarding the virus plans of extended proof of vaccinations to give people the right to work, travel and buy goods. Fear is a dangerous weapon and when used as it has recently can control large numbers of people for some time. We see this here on your planet and it has been successful in doing just that. More bondage and less freedoms on top of everything else.

Now, let us plan for the future. You may say that we have not come to a point where this is appropriate but dear ones, we have. There is a lot to be done at and after the point of freedom and it is definitely not too early to be thinking and visualizing what we want for our earth and for our children and grandchildren. First you must join with others in creating and this mean joining energies to do so and you need the same goals and focus. There are many areas but some of the main ones are environmental and governmental. You are tired of money being taken from you for reasons you do not approve. We see that there is enough money to go around for everyone to have a very comfortable life with time to enjoy life. That has been one of the things largely missing from your life is the enjoyment of it. Where is the joy? The work schedules and hours are much too long for anyone and they should be adjusted in many places around the world.

One of the challenges is taking your energy and placing it with the right group so that it can be multiplied for a positive outcome. It will be counterproductive to have everyone working independently and all in different directions. Think on what you feel compassionate about and this is where you place your efforts and your thoughts. Find a way for this to be done.

I have given you much to think about regarding your plans for creating a better earth, not only for Gaia but in the sight of God. Keep his commandments close to your heart and let this be the basis for your days. I leave you now with vistas of a beautiful future that is possible. Take this energy and turn it into reality.

I am Joseph In His Service

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