February 17, 2021

Let us begin. It is going to take some time for everything to be changed. Earth traveled down the wrong road for so long that a whole generation of people do not know any different and don’t realize how badly things have become. There is not the experience of a Godly earth to compare it to. This makes it more difficult in explaining things when the teaching comes down. It is like that saying of having to go back to the drawing table and start at the beginning again. Earth is such a beautiful gift from Creator and was designed to care for and sustain life for all people in the original will of Creator and earth is still a beautiful planet today. When you stop and look at the picture after the creation and compare it to today it saddens the heart and you can plainly see the results of what transgressions have taken place. It is understandable that young people having only the experience of their now don’t realize what has been done and this lack of information will be changed.

Again I feel that many people reading this think I am jumping ahead in my expectations of your thinking on a time line and I tell you that all things are first in thought before they are in reality. You have just become used to the long time between the thinking of an idea and the reality of it. You are moving up into a higher frequency and vibration of ascension and this also mean that things become reality quicker than where you were. You will come to see that you must take care of what you think much more responsibly than you ever have before. This advancement covers a lot of territory and it may take some adjustment for with this ascension you all want comes responsibility and accountability concerning turning thought into matter. Use it with care and repair your damaged earth accordingly.

So you see it is not to early to be thinking of your life and daily means of expressing your God self under the new rules of a higher vibration. Get to know the territory you will be living in, you new residents of advanced earth. Not surprisingly it comes with advanced parameters and rules of conduct, not that you would ever want to return to the old ways. Even with your dedication these parameters and rules deserve to be mentioned, brought out and studied in advance. Now that I have you attention let us continue.

Start your days, as you have been, with the same ways that propelled you here. Ask of Father, Mother God how it is favored for you to express that part of yourself this day. Keep uppermost in your foundation and your mind the origins of your being and your purpose for the gift of life that you have been given. Work openly on your responses to adverse challenges and your reaction to them and try to overcome negativity that has overtaken you in the past. Set forth mantras and ideas of positive habits in your thinking that encourage you in all things and not that automatic “stuff” that loops in your mind of putting yourself down. Treat yourself with respect in the manner that would show love for the creation of the God fragment that you really are and hold yourself to a higher level of esteem just as you do for other expressions of God. And we cannot forget that joy and happiness that I have been talking about that is already yours for the taking. Let it blossom, bloom and never wither in this new earth for you certainly will have come a long way and they were hard earned miles to get to ascension and beyond.

Yes, you still have a few hard earned miles to travel, but compared to what you have already been through it will not take a long time and especially when you remain in the frame of mind that got you where you are today. You are not a novice anymore and this is worth noting for so many are removing the shadows and unknowns to the realization of who they really are and what they have done in their past. This is a big chapter that will take some explaining but it will be done and you will be so much the wiser for having experienced it. This can never be taken away from you now.

So remain steadfast in your knowing for God is your author and writer of your life and you have certainly lived it. I leave you now with much still to accomplish but so much will be on a higher level than what you are experiencing now. So welcome to the new neighborhood you will enter upon ascension and the keys are waiting for you to unlock all that can be thought.

I am Joseph In His Service

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