February 18, 2021

Let us begin. I come to tell you that the tide that has been building to prosecute the mass law breakers is drowning them in evidence of their actions. These are the consequences they brought about by what they did and have been doing for some time now. In our place the results are very accurate according to what was done and how many times. There on earth the criminal could get by with a lot in the past but that is not the case this time. There is the all seeing eye of God working on the legal team and in that there is nothing hidden. Bringing about the evidence takes time to put the puzzle pieces together to make a valid legal picture. Fortunately some are talking and I believe the term you use is “spilling their guts”. We here are still with you in waiting for an announcement to the public of what is being done. Much is leaking out and this is good.

The time line containing the evidentiary processes and end result are heavy with energy and prevailing. So many are now in some type of incarceration and awaiting ultimate sentencing before a judge, others await their trial to be represented as the evidence against them is brought out. They have the right to council. Very few cases are lacking in proper evidence and no doubt this will be found out and shown. My dear ones, there are so many involved in this from light involvement to very large perpetrators. So much pressure toward hurtful actions against family and children was used as coercion to involve people when they did not want to comply and this makes it difficult to decide what punishment is needed. There was no one to go to when your loved ones are to be harmed or killed as a result. There is mercy needed in some cases but this is just my opinion and I am not associated with the legal aspect of these cases in determining the sentencing. That is probably a good thing as this has to be done lawfully without emotion to sway one’s opinion.

Parts of the United States at present are being held in a grip of cold involving ice, snow and rain. This has hampered deliveries of everything and caused much interruption of food deliveries for the masses. Many are trying to dig out of the snow and resume some type of normal behavior but the weather is making it difficult, if not impossible. Strong resolve is needed as lack of electricity becomes and end result in many cases and hopefully supplies were gathered before this wave of cold hit. If nothing else one has gotten to know other family members on a deeper level. This may also call for a strong resolve at remaining level headed and seeking a peaceful state of mind. This has been a rather large test that was not expected as we thought supplies would most likely be needed for other reasons and not cold weather, especially this far south in your country of the US. I know there are questions from some of you about weather manipulation and this is a possibility. At this point I do not have information either confirming or denying this possible interference. Your weather study has advanced enough to give you some hours to prepare for what is to come and hopefully many of you were able to obtain what was needed.

As we have mentioned before time is accelerating and things are coming to a head speedily now as we see them. It may still appear as if nothing is happening but there is more and more information coming out concerning what is happening and we are happy about this. Try to find it in your sources and give all things the test of truth within your being before it is accepted. Our encouragement continues for you to hold steady in your faith that God is in control, for He is. Our hope is that you will not become discouraged or lacking in determination to stay the course.

I leave you now wanting to keep my hand in this message giving as I have grown to liking this process of revealing information and encouragement. There is more of a positive nature coming and I will tell you as soon as the elements are ready for revelation. We love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service

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