April 11, 2021

Let us begin. Often it comes to our attention that we notice many with the understanding that certain information has to come out in the world before a closure can happen on this earth chapter. It is as if it is fated for things to be revealed first and wrongs need to be known by all so the depth of deceit can be fully understood. We understand this belief and this plan has never been removed or taken off the list of things to happen. This time line is strong and fully energized and so many have given of their prayers for this to be.

In the mean time Gaia has had her adjustments on a list of things to happen and these have been known by us for some time also. So many things were delayed or interrupted for various reasons and quite a few of them were to buy time for more souls to come to God. Now Gaia has taken off all the holds that she self imposed and her changes are not being held back. The big question on many minds is which one will happen first, or will both happen with the information coming out first and then the earth changes. There is a certain build up for both. Earth changes evolve in their order and revelations of truth also have a process to their unfolding. We would love to be able to tell you what time each would happen but both are a process.

For many years the liberation of earth has been planned and life times have been preparing certain ones to fulfill positions concerning this time of earth. This overcoming of the dark and bringing control to a halt has been the object and focus of many on earth and also above your earth. This energy has not been removed. In the plan of all things the energy behind Gaia and her changes has not been removed either. As we have said in the past there is a certain synchronicity in the movements and hand of God’s intervention and things will come about in perfect order and timing. There is no rule that one event removes the other and both can happen if the revelation of truth comes first.

The preparation of earth evacuation is most necessary and as we have said we give information sometimes far in advance so plans can be made and people can be informed and become accustomed to what is to happen. The pressures of fault lines are increasing and we cannot judge with certain accuracy when they will make their move. Sometimes it is such that we also wait to see when things will come about. This is one of those times. In no way are we trying to confuse anyone.

Now I would like to speak of having the right attitude and perspective for what is to come. Life on earth has not been easy by any means but it has been predictable. Certain weather related issues have come about but they have been localized. There has been an increase in wild fires and severity of all weather issues but nothing world wide as yet. This is about to change and more people will be affected by erratic weather and earthquakes. Times of the old West in America where you had so many uncertainties and were lucky to live past the age of 30 are gone but there will be new uncertainties to face and being prepared will help you through these times.

What is the attitude you should have when facing what is before you? The unknown is the most difficult to prepare for but the same source of help and strength remains within you and is always available for you to make that connection. God does not leave his children without help in times of trouble. Do not look for your stability and strength outside of you. Do not depend upon your government or prominent people to give you the words you need to remain faithful in the power and intelligence infused in everything that is happening. You will wonder how such possible devastation can be the plan of God but you have been told of this time from long ago and words to prepare have been repeated from many sources. There is a serenity and peace that comes from a close relationship with Creator and once established you will not be happy with anything else. Will there be strange and tumultuous times and earth shaking events, yes, but there is also the peace that passes all understanding attained from within. This is why we tell you that you will stand out from all others in your knowing and understanding of what is going on around you. You will be the calm within the storm and uncertainty will not touch you because you are fortified with unimaginable strength from within and your connection with God.

Others will wonder how that can be that you have something they do not have . Is it that you do not understand what is going on? Just the opposite in that you do understand what is going on. You have worked and studied and searched for truth and see that all things come from God and you are not daunted in these end times of what is to come. Be the Light that you know and have become and do not let the uncertainties of everyone else attach to you and take hold. Do not hesitate to go within and ask for protection from all negativity that is going on around you. Have faith that the will of God is in all that is happening and this is the attitude and perspective you should have when facing your future.

I come to a close now with these things for you to consider. Listen to our words and prepare both physically and mentally in the ways that have been suggested. There are so many things that we cannot do for you and you will have to prepare your lives and your hearts for yourselves. Do not hesitate.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “April 11, 2021

  1. I have questions regarding the announcements, bringing to the public all the lies and deception presented to humanity by the cabalist and others of ill intent. There is the disclosure both of earthly things and also extraterrestrial life forms. We have been advised by several sources that the media will be the last to be taken down so that disclosure may go forth properly and effectively. How will disclosure play out as long as the mainstream media is in control of what is put before the public? Many that are trying to share information are being obstructed by censorship and those who do not want humanity informed. The social media algorithms are causing much difficulty in sharing information of Truth. There is also the situation of division within the communities of those who are sharing information. The infiltration within the truth or community is causing even more divide and confusion. Are we close in our earthly time reckoning to the announcement and the changes within our quantum systems such as the financial the educational and political to be engaged? There are so many things to consider with the Earth changes upon us, the Evacuation of the planet, the disclosure announcements and such. Are there still two timelines at play and if so, how will we know that we are on the highest timeline for the best for the planet and humanity? Does off world technology have a tremendous role in the relaying of the disclosure information? And lastly is there any specific order to how things will play out regarding the announcements the Earth events and the evacuation that can be shared that will not compromise the processes? Much gratitude for your service Joseph.


    1. Disclosure, when that time comes, will be brought forward no matter what opposition is still trying to stop it. It will not be hidden any longer and a medium of communication will be found and used. We have many means of communicating with you.

      Unfortunately there are many receivers of messages and even within the community of believers there is dissension concerning accuracy of information. It can be confusing but from our point of view you are close to announcements and changes within many systems. Political and financial are coming forward now as much work has been done on both of these for implementation upon the public. Both have been long range plans. The educational system will be a little later as it is looking now.

      There are two prominent plans with much energy and you should hold up the one that is in the best interest of all souls concerned and let that be your guide. The determining factors will be those that play out and the final decision on this is in God’s hands. You do not have to know which one it is to put energy into the love for all others and for the best to happen. This love energy will not be lost in the shuffle whether you know its exact target or not. The vibrational frequency of love for others always finds its target.

      Off world technology would amaze and astound you in its capabilities and uses. We will use what is necessary and approved at the time concerning disclosure information.

      At present things are not solid, but still fluctuating in energies of different strengths. It would be unwise at this time to give you any indication of what will happen first and in what order. Certain things, even though planned for some time now, are unknown even to us. We do our best with the energies we see and measure and go from there. What is told for one day and time may not be what is still truth for another day and time. This has been one of the more difficult things that we have tried to explain to you. You are so anchored and locked into a date and time of events being scheduled. It makes it difficult for both you and us. Thank you for your questions. Joseph


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